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Meet the Chaosium Community Ambassadors


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-- L-R: Allan, Bridgett, Mark, and Nick --

Chaosium's Community Ambassadors support independent creators in our community content programs on DriveThruRPG. These programs enable fans to self-publish material for Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, and 7th Sea TTRPGs. Creators can offer their work free of charge, set a price, or offer it as pay-what-you-want.

As successful community creators themselves, Allan, Bridgett, Mark and Nick are all experienced in the pitfalls and pathways to independent publishing. They are here to help with advice about the various aspects of creating and publishing a community content work, including ideas generation, IP issues, writing, editing, art direction, layout, publication, and preparing a title for print-on-demand. They can also direct queries to the appropriate person at Chaosium or DriveThruRPG if need be.


The success of these fan-driven programs is evident by their thriving communities of creators and the rapidly growing number of titles available, with more added every week. 

  • The Miskatonic Repository is Chaosium's platform on DriveThruRPG for independent creators of gaming material for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game. It was launched in December 2018. We recently celebrated its 1000th independent title!
  • The Explorer's Society established in March 2017, is our DriveThruRPG community content program for John Wick's 7th Sea RPG.
  • The Jonstown Compendium, established in December 2019, fulfils the same function for gaming in Greg Stafford's world of Glorantha with the RuneQuest RPG, along with the QuestWorlds, and 13th Age Glorantha systems. We recently celebrated its 250th independent title!
  • Later in 2023, we're launching a new community content program along similar lines for the Pendragon RPG!

Contact our Community Ambassadors via our Contact the Team page. 

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As successful community creators themselves, our Community Ambassadors Allan, Bridgett, Mark and Nick are all experienced in the pitfalls and pathways to independent publishing. Here are some samples of their community content work:

Allan Carey's Miskatonic Repository release The Mummy of Pemberley Grange, is part of his 'Seeds of Terror' series of accessible and exciting scenarios for Call of Cthulhu that Keepers can pick up and run in one evening.


Bridgett Jeffries's Miskatonic Repository release Sorrow in Tsavo is a Call of Cthulhu scenario set in 1898 Kenya and based on historical events.


Mark Morrison's The Saltwater Inheritance was written in 1985 but first published (on the Miskatonic Repository) in 2019. It came runner-up in a White Dwarf magazine scenario competition, which, as Mark says, "is kind of like winning second prize in a beauty contest, but with more tentacles".









Described as "Top-shelf, high-grade Gloranthan psychedelia", Nick Brooke's Jonstown Compendium scenario Black Spear is a lavishly illustrated, stand-alone mini-campaign for RuneQuest.


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Community content creators – please note that our colleague Allan Carey is stepping down as a community content ambassador at Chaosium. Allan’s growing workload with his own studio TYPE40 — including exciting new projects with Paizo — just means he no longer has the time to devote to the ambassador role. But rest assured Allan remains a valued licensee and creative partner, and friend of the company!
We thank Allan for being such an amazing support to the creator community and look forward to seeing him at Gen Con in a few weeks time.
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