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Children of the Worm: A Chronicles of Future Earth adventure


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Chaosium's released Children of the Worm.

Children of the Worm is a downloadable adventure for The Chronicles of Future Earth, set in the city of Korudav. It deals with a strange alliance between a clan of Troglodytes and a gang of bandit Che Kwa, the red men of Kadram, the havoc they’re wreaking and the secret they’ve uncovered.

The book is divided into five parts: the first two are the scenario episodes “Obnoxious Jin’s Boatyard”, a well-known inn along Korudav’s Grand Canal, and “The House of the White Sepulcher”, a run-down manse in the precincts. The last three parts provide details on the Troglodytes (also known as P’Tek, or Maggot Men), and their goddess Durgha the Dark Mother, who the Autocracy knows as Babisiya.

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