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  1. I think the more important questions to ask yourself are: 1. Is Questworlds the right system for what I'm wanting to do? 2. Am I enthused/excited enough to breathe real life into this project and see it through to the end? As is seen with other games using the OGL, you end up with good products and bad products. You sometimes end up with products that try to fill the same niche, sometimes in contradictory ways, and they're all superb products. One isn't systemically better than the other and the gaming table is better because they both exist. They just approach the subject matter from different perspectives and GMs can then have a surfeit of options to mix and match. It's also possible that bad products try to occupy the same niche, but let's not dwell on that.
  2. I realize I'm quite late to the party, but apparently earlier than the SRD. 😉 I've been kicking around an idea that would go great with HQ, an an SRD is going to make that even easier to get into the public's hands.
  3. Mike is correct. I was referring to the piece in Cthulhu Through the Ages. I forgot about the Worlds of Cthulhu one.
  4. During the busiest days, Friday and Saturday, most well-known games will sell out, so the time slot isn't that important. Later on Thursday is more likely to catch later-comers to the con. However, just because you pick a certain time slot doesn't mean that's when the game will occur. When registration closes, GenCon puts together the schedule and some games might be moved around.
  5. Here are the three events I submitted: The Anarchy: England is in civil war. One of the enemies raids from the fens. The loyalists need him routed, but are tied down in battles across the country. It's up to a small force who can slip in undetected. This is a historical game with the players taking on the roles of people loyal to King Stephen. The Captured King: England is in civil war. The king has been captured and held in Bristol Castle. Rumors are circulating that he's being tortured. He must be rescued, if the country is to be saved! This is a historical game with the players taking on the roles of people loyal to King Stephen. Novum Eburacum: What would happen if the Romans found the new world 700 years before the Norse? Tenuous peace between the natives and the people of Novum Eburacum is threatened when a thief in the night strikes! This is an alt-historical game with with fantasy elements. The players are either Romans or members of the Iroquois Confederacy. It's inspired by by the disappearance of the Ninth and the "texts" of Viator Providens. The games are still in review, so times aren't set yet. Each will be a four hour session with pre-gens.
  6. Four hours is the standard length for convention games. It's what most players are going to expect. So, test out your scenario beforehand if at all possible. And have it modular so you can drop a scene if you need to. If this is your first time, you should have fairly simple plots for your scenarios. You don't want players fumbling around figuring out what to do. It helps if you can start in media res. That helps eliminate any initial dithering.
  7. I've submitted two games of non-Glorantha Runequest 6* to the powers that be at GenCon. I don't foresee any approval problems, but the times I chose might change, so I'm not going to post those here yet. If I can secure a closer hotel than I have now, I might add one or two more games. The two currently submitted games are historical games set during the Anarchy. The other game or two might also be during the Anarchy or in my home-grown setting of Novum Eburacum. If you're going to be at GenCon and want to get in a game of Runequest, there will be at least two on the schedule. *Yes, by August, Runequest 6 will have a different name. However, it will be Runequest 6 until June and the new name has not been announced yet. Submitting a game for GenCon has to be done by May 15 if you want to have any hope of not getting the 2am time slot. In addition, the June to August time frame isn't long for the new name to gain traction among the wider gaming audience. Runequest 6 will have a much larger name recognition and be a bigger draw for players.
  8. All you need is either Savage Worlds or CoC 6. You could easily convert it to 7e. Achtung Cthulhu is just a setting, if you were to pick that up, you'd still need CoC 6.
  9. There are multiple version, not editions. There was a game produced in the 90s and then the RQ version, which came out last year.They have no connection other than subject matter. This is the version you want:https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/178202/luther-arkwright-roleplaying-across-parallels Here's Runeslinger's review: https://runeslinger.wordpress.com/2015/07/19/luther-arkwright-roleplaying-across-the-parallels-part-1/ And a review by Paul Baldowski on geek native: http://www.geeknative.com/tag/luther-arkwright/
  10. Bear in mind the importance of major wounds in CoC7. To really kill somebody a major wound has to be struck, otherwise it's just bruises, contusions, and grazes. So, step 1 would be to mitigate the damage. Rather than halve the damage, why don't you only have them do their DB in damage. Being a bit of a pugilist myself, I can tell you that with a skilled boxer, the gloves don't do a lot to soften blows. And, with 1920s gloves, they're little better than bare knuckling brawling. However, we're talking narrative here. So, by using only the DB, you're preserving Bennie's strength advantage, but lessening the chance he'll drop somebody in one blow. Now, if Bennie's planning to throw the fight in the 3rd round, why should he bother rolling in the 3rd round. He goes out, intentionally throws some bad punches and the first of the opponent's punches to land takes him "down."
  11. Here's a list to the UO issues. You can change the drop down on the top to search be article. http://rpggeek.com/rpgperiodical/2082/unspeakable-oath
  12. Then you really should read Cthulhu Icarus. It manages to do it.
  13. I forgot to mention Congregate. It's a newish con (year 3 in 2016), but its gaming track is run by the same team that does the various MACE cons, so it's top notch. It might be a good place to test out Skaerune. Heck, if you go to Congregate in July, I'll play in a game of Skaerune. http://www.con-gregate.com/hotel.htm
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