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BotW, Aubergel and Assize of Arms (1181)

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BotW pp. 102-103 has Arthur's Assize of Arms, year 515. It is almost word for word copy of Henry II's Assize of Arms (1181). However, there are some differences in there. These differences may be deliberate, but I think it is possible to bring them into agreement easily enough.

First things first. Aubergel historically is clearly the same as haubergeon. Both refer to a light hauberk, essentially the chainmail shirt with short sleeves and reaching the hips common in Viking Era. So it should be an 8-point armor.

Instead, I would elevate a gambeson to be 'padding on padding' + a metal helm, for a total of 2+2+2 = 6 points of armor, the old hard leather.


Knights: hauberks (10 pts)
Freemen > £6: hauberks (10 pts)
Freemen > £3: aubergels/haubergeons (8 pts)
Freemen* and burghers: gambesons (6 pts)

* other difference was that BotW has the other freemen with aubergels, while the historical version lists them alongside burghers with gambesons.

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