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Missile Fire before DEX ranks?


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Under "Autofire" on pg 214 of the gold book, it says "Unlike most missile weapon combat, autofire or bursts occur on the attacker's DEX rank, rather than at the beginning of the combat round before DEX ranks."

I can't find any other reference in the gold book to misile fire occurring at the beginning of the combat round before DEX ranks. I recognize the concept from Call of Cthulhu (e.g. "…aimed-and-ready firearms shoot once in DEX order before any hand-to-hand fighting takes place"), but I don't see any mention of this kind of "ready missile" rule in the gold book. Am I just missing it?

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Seems to be a cock up. On page 189 it clearly states that missile fire occurs on DEX rank but before melee attacks. I'm guessing that it's a case of a rule getting changed (or not changed) during development and not being picked up in the final edit.

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