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Cyberpunk-styled game


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Hallo to you all!

I am Andrea, from Italy, new to the forum. I experienced back some time ago (well.. years...) the BRP to have a three evenings game with my group playing the first Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy book, and it was a huge success.

A great part of it was the use of the BRP, which in our opinion is the best system to concentrate on playing/acting rather than on rolling dice and doing damage (we usually play D&D you know.. :o)

Well, I am planning to stage a new adventure, maybe a full campaign, in a cyberpunkish setting.. you know all the basics.. near future, decadence, parvasive technology and so on.. maybe with cell phones also :P. Obviously I plan to use the BRP and I want to ask you.. is it all in the basic book or is there around some expansion which covers exaclty this setting? When I used BRP the first time I tinkered a bit starting from Chaosium Call of Chtulhu, but now I would prefer to buy the BRP book to have a good start.

Well.. thank you all and have a nice day! :)


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