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  1. If you're looking for Legend pdfs try here. They have a lot of them.
  2. Interesting. Sorry for the thread derailment. I was looking for a reason to get WEG Star Wars for my son. I wonder who at Chaosium wrote the game?
  3. Some kind of spacebound Psi Police would make for a great RPG, especially for OQ, as it is sufficiently different from RoH's territory (I can see it now, OQ Psi Space!). I wonder why the only thing I can think of that sounds anything like that for RPGs is GURPS Lensman? I know that the RPG Space Opera has lenses in it as well, but as far as I can find there was no official Psi Cop Campaign published by any RPG company. Am I correct, or wrong about this?
  4. Does anyone have Hyperlite: The Sirius Treaty? If you do can you please tell me about the various alien races in that game. The Sirius Treaty
  5. There is a set of cyberpunk rules for Call of Cthulhu, which should be useable with the BGB. If you have any of the old Cyberpunk 2020 stuff you can also find rules on converting from that system to Call of Cthulhu here. - JdR/CyberPunk [ENG] - JdR/Cyberpunk 2020 - Interface Magazine 2.2.pdf
  6. I'd be interested.
  7. I would love to see an old school style space opera setting in the style of Star Frontiers, for OQ. Am I alone in this desire, or would others like to see such a thing? Such a thing would most likely be more popular than RoH as space opera is easier to get your head around than Hard SF.
  8. No, not to my knowledge. I've read the Corum supplement, and the BGB, and there was nothing in there replicated in Magic World, or the BGB.
  9. Someone else is too, for appointing him to Chaosium. Mind you, he has done some stuff for 'em before.
  10. Writing as an unpaid shill for Newt Newport and D101 games...hang on..why am I unpaid? LOL Only joking. The setting seems both acessable and long term, if you choose to run a long campaign or series of them, you can't say much better than that.
  11. Dracas, if you're looking for legally free pdfs may I suggest you go here: and here: .
  12. If you're not looking at spending too much cash, then OQ is the fantasy rpg. May I also recommend Crucible of Dragons, which is a setting for OQ that you could get lots of mileage out of.
  13. This article looks interesting sciencewise, but don't let it stop you running a game in such a setting.
  14. I forgot. Non rotating planets are going to have some trouble generating a magnetic field. Over a long time even a small star will generate a solar wind that could do some damage to the atmosphere of a tidally locked world, and without a magnetic field this is the most probable outcome.
  15. With the star being so low in mass some of those worlds would be tidally locked, with one side facing the star. If you have a nice thick atmosphere circulating on some of these tidally locked planets you can keep some semblance of warmth even on the dark side.