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  1. STARFARER 2250

    The setting could easily be used with threedeesix's Star Frontiers conversion. It would be fairly easy to adapt it to the Operation Ulysses, Mission to Epsilon, and Spacejack! monograph scenarios. However it would be better to buy those monographs than waste your cash on Starfarer 2250, unless you already have the Starguard! miniatures rules and want a quick rpg add on to those rules. Being tied to the quickstart rules limits severely the amount of detail for such stuff as the multivisor, and there are no psionics rules, though they are part of some creatures talents, and some equipment. Also some of the robots are all a bit samey, and could have benefited from a more varied selection, like adding the Decapillar, instead of the bland Philot Military Training Robot. They also use weapons, but most of them have no skill rating for this use. The MOM bot can conduct battlefield repairs on robots but no skill is shown. Very poor indeed. The aliens seem a bit too samey in their stats, and could have done with a more imaginative interpretation than is done here. They also would have benefited from the full BGB rules being used to quantify them. Finally the art in places is atrocious, and could have been better. What a pity that Chaosium chose to licence this without doing some quality control.
  2. STARFARER 2250

    What an oddly quirky setting, but with some interesting bits! The extraordinary items are obviously inspired by D&D. The Sonic Meditation Box, which allows for an increased Psi point recovery rate , and the Psychic Medallion allows for one psychic power if you don't already have one, are interesting. But psychic powers, while mentioned, are not included in the book, you'll need the BGB to use them. The Vest of Useful Items and Regeneration Bracers look interesting too. I like the many types of grenades too, but that's because my players just love to blow themselves up given half the chance. Nuclear or nerve agent? Yes they have those. There are no space combat rules. And no planetary generation rules, though there is a planetary classification table. There is perhaps too much detail on what clothing a character has. There are many old school style alien races statted, and most of them are of the humanoid animal (see the link in the post above for an overview). There are also many types of robots statted too, from warbots to cargo bots. The book also contains some short notes on using the miniatures rules from Starguard! and Starwar 2250 with the BRP rules.
  3. STARFARER 2250

    It is based upon the Starguard! miniatures combat game first published in 1974, so it precedes Star Wars by 3 years. So it is a pre- Star Wars space opera setting. http://tin-soldier.com/sgdp.html
  4. STARFARER 2250

    Lou, is there a space combat system? Are psionics part of it? I'm interested in the thing, but the preview wasn't all that informative.
  5. Build a Better Monster Contest, Part II

    Good for Astounding Adventures adversaries!
  6. Classic Fantasy vs OpenQuest

    It would be interesting to see if you could use some of the stuff from the Mythras Classic Fantasy version with OQ to run a game.
  7. Green Hell revealed!

    Was Green Hell ever published? I can't find any reference to it other than the article already linked to.
  8. Thennla Planets

    In the Thennla Campaign sourcebook under the heading Types of Deity the Titans are mentioned. Lesser Titans like the Planets are mentioned. I was wondering what those planets are called, after all, I'm sure that Venus, Mars, and Jupiter aren't part of Thennla mythology? I know it is only a minor background thing, not a setting breaker, but it would be nice to know. Any ideas on what to name them?
  9. Height and weight for PCs

    Thanks for your helpful replies, gentlemen.
  10. Height and weight for PCs

    Is there an official source for gauging the height and weight of PCs from their SIZ? I'm converting some alien races from a sourcebook and would like some guidelines as too how their weight and height translate into Legend.
  11. Rules question - Aug Activation

    I'm glad that the RoH Companion is upcoming. I think RoH is one of the best Si Fi games going, no harm and no foul.
  12. Wanted - Worlds Beyond

    I'm not selling my beloved copy, but on ebay someone is selling a copy that is described as being in "good condition". http://www.ebay.com/itm/WORLDS-BEYOND-RPG-ROLEPLAYING-GAME-MANUAL-FRANK-S-SHEWMAKE-OTHER-WORLD-GAMES-/112460687848
  13. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    Even with a soletta you would need some form of protection from solar flare radiation, since Mars has a very thin atmosphere, and no magnetic field worthy of the name.
  14. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    "Quotidian" was a word I used because it is radiation that occurs every day, while x and gamma rays resulting from solar flares is not an everyday occurence. Generating a magnetic field for Mars would be something that would be good for protection.
  15. Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    No magnetic field.