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  1. And this is map 2. I hope this helps someone else. I plan on using Harad, and his lair in an Age of Shadow scenario. 😁
  2. So, instead I directly emailed one of the authors, Gareth Hanrahan, and got a quick response. 😁 This is map 1.
  3. Still not able to sign in to the forum. It's never easy...*sigh* 🤣😂
  4. Cheers soltakss. I tried to join the forum, but after much hassle I'm not able to sign in.
  5. I have MRQ Necromancy, and it has a necromancer protagonist named Harad who has a lair detailed. However there is no map for the lair. Can someone tell me if there was a map for it, and where I could get it?
  6. I've also noticed that on page 55 of the AoS rulebook that in Table 8.2 Daily Travel Rates, that the distance for optimal travel is unlisted. Looking in the Open Quest rulebook it is listed as, Hiking 50km, Marching 60km, and last but not least, Riding 90km. Hope that helps. 😁
  7. Baron, Kris had this to say in response to the scale on the maps with no hexes, so your distance may vary. 😁
  8. There is a corruption mechanic in the OQ game Age of Shadow. If you fumble a sorcery casting you gain a corruption point. When you have more corruption points than POW you become the pawn of Dark Powers. I would amend those rules though, to have the slow addition of corruption points have some effect on the character, such as CHA points lowering or CON points lowering too, so that the character takes on a diseased appearance, or something like that. 😁
  9. The Chaosium monograph BRP Witchcraft was a good supplement for hedge and black magic. Don't know if Chaosium still sell it though. 😁
  10. I got the two Gigas Monstrum books to help with Mythras Classic fantasy, but they are useful for Open Quest too. They've given me some idea of how to convert monsters from the Tome of Horrors books too. 😁
  11. Kris clarified his map scale, so here it is for anyone who wants it. This applies to the hex maps. 1 small hex = 1 mile. 1 medium hex = 3 miles. 1 large hex is approximately 12 miles. So if you have those maps you could use those scales. 😁
  12. Thanks for that er...clarification. 😳 I'm confused now. I will have to try to contact Kris to see which league it is, Roman or British. 😁
  13. Conrad


    I should be more confident in my ability to convert AD&D stuff to CF. But SIZ for Beholders is a thing I ruminate over unnecessarily. I'm going to have to find if their weight is listed somewhere in other more up to date D&D stuff. 😁
  14. So a league is pretty much the same as a kilometre? I'll have to buy the large North Kingdom map. Cheers. 😁
  15. The MRQ II Elric of Menibone setting has the Moonbeam Roads for certain adepts to wander from universe to universe, and I've had Jhary a Conel turn up in Blackmoor and Pherae (an island setting in Open Quest). So this is easily adapted to any fantasy style BRP setting. In the book The Dreamthief's Daughter Elric visits the Earth during WWII to dispatch some Nazi aircraft using his dragon, so fantasy characters finding themselves in more modern universes seems an interesting option. I'm currently running Open Quest and Classic fantasy so I'm toying with PC from The Company fighting an evil hig
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