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So I thought it might be fun to share our homemade factions. I'll start!

The Bookmen

·         Certain grimoires are too dangerous to be in the wrong hands – there are books of ancient secrets which contain works of magic outside the ken of alchemists. Some of these books contain spells of Necromancy, or of summoning demons.

·         Some books are too dangerous to exist – and must be destroyed for the good of all humanity.

·         There is still valuable knowledge contained within their pages – although some grimoires contain unspeakable evil, there is often useful information contained within. For this reason, some books should not be destroyed, but kept safely and access strictly limited.

·         Theft is justified in order to keep dangerous grimoires out of the wrong hands – The Bookmen are happy to steal grimoires from their rightful owners for the good of all mankind.

Allies: Varies (some members of the Church, some Rosicrucians, some members of the Invisible College)

Enemies: Satanists, some alchemists

Zeal: 30

Bonus Skills: Lore (Grimoires) +25%

The Bookmen are a faction which may act as patrons for player characters, or which PCs may indeed join, depending on the thrust of the campaign. There are certain magickal effects in the game which I wanted my NPCs to have access to (such as raising the walking dead or summoning demons) which fall outside the scope of alchemy or witchcraft, and I decided to introduce grimoires – magickal texts which could be studied (with a Lore skill for individual grimoires) and their secrets learned in the form of new spells or magickal effects).

The Bookmen have existed in some form since the 13th Century, but it is only with the introduction of the printing press and subsequent rise in literacy that they have become more organised. They seek out grimoires which are in the wrong hands (i.e. any hands which aren’t The Bookmen’s) and either hide them away in a rumoured secret library (known as Alexandria, though it is not located there) or destroy them. They will allow scholars to study certain works in their possession, but the scholar will never be taken to Alexandria, the book will be brought to a neutral location and the scholar will be supervised by a Bookman at all times.

When a dangerous grimoire is located, the Bookmen will surreptitiously approach the owner in the guise of an agent representing “an interested party” and make an offer to purchase the book – their pockets are deep, but not limitless – or if this is refused will make plans to steal the book. This is where non-Bookmen PCs may be hired for a heist scenario. In extreme cases, the Bookmen will resort to murder and/or arson to ensure the book is destroyed.

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The Old Way

·         We are all children of the land – the land is the Land. The land has always been and always shall be. The seasons come and the seasons go.

·         Gods come and gods go – Magna Mater, Woden, Christ Jesus. The power of the land knows no name and needs no temples.

·         The Church is our enemy – The Nazarene is a jealous God and will not tolerate others. Pretend to His worship if you must, but keep your true beliefs secret.

·         Nothing comes without sacrifice – For a good harvest, blood must be spilled. For fine weather, blood must be spilled. For strong children, blood must be spilled. What you take, you must repay,

Allies: Wise Women and Cunning Men, some unaligned Witches. Country folk.

Enemies: The Church.

Zeal: 25

Bonus Skills: Beliefs (The Old Way) +25%, Lore (Country Wisdom) +15%

The Old Way is earth worship in its purest form. This is not worship of pre-Christian gods, this is worship of the land itself. Followers of the Old Way believe in blood sacrifice in thanks for the land’s bounty.

This cult can be used for all kinds of folk-horror antagonists (a la The Wicker Man or Midsommer). There are as many variations in cult practices as there are communities which follow the Old Faith.

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