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  1. He avoided asking us for Sanitary checks, but at one point last night asked a player if he was dogging this round. I hope he meant Dodging!! Dogging would be a very different proposition! (If you don't know what dogging is, DO NOT google it at work!!) 😁
  2. The Curse of Seven brings to mind Mark Frost's excellent Victorian occult adventure novel The List of Seven. Is there a link?
  3. And we're playing again on Friday, and it will only take one of us to say it and he'll be doing it all night! 😁
  4. Agreed on the cover Kevin, it's a beautiful (and very fitting) piece! Delighted to hear of a future reprint, too, it deserves a wider audience. Did it ever see a pdf release?
  5. @kross you know I said in that private message that I was grateful to you for your work? Yeah, this... 😁
  6. This. 1000% this. Our Ladies of Sorrow is one of my favourite RPG books ever! I am halfway tempted to state in my will that I'd like to be buried with it!
  7. Check out the Lovecraft Investigations podcasts on BBC Sounds. Updated takes on classic Lovecraft tales (with additional conspiracy theories) which would be perfectly runnable as adventures straight out of the notebook. The podcasts themselves aren't perfect, but are very entertaining!
  8. And, I will put this proposal to Chaosium. If you have slipcase sets in stock, you could unpack on demand, sell the slipcase box separately and then put the two books and screen into inventory to sell separately. Looks like a win-win to me!
  9. And as I bought my Masks of Nyarlathotep set from a friend and it came without its case...I'd buy one of those too!!
  10. Having recently acquired a copy of this boxed set, I thought it might be fun to do a public WIR thread to record my impressions. I know a couple of other posters recently got hold of copies too, so their comments are more than welcome, as are any other readers who have the set. Back in 2013 Cubicle 7 announced a Kickstarter campaign for a boxed set covering London in the 1920s. back in't day, I was a huge fan of the old Green and Pleasant Land supplement written and published by Games Workshop when they had the license. As a Brit, I enjoyed setting games in my homeland. Whilst Arkham, Mi
  11. Well don't forget to share the contents of your next clearout here mate! 😁
  12. @AtG_Toby you're welcome...not sure what inspired me. After trying all.my usual places and posting here, someone pointed out eBay, which I hadn't even considered! @Ejlertson I explained myself badly, my apologies! 'Where I Read' threads are when a number of people read the same thing at the the same time and post their comments. ...and there are three of us now...
  13. We should do a "where we read..." thread!
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