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  1. Nor do I, regrettably, but the English translations are adequate, not great IMO
  2. Shiny! Mass combat and random tables...I do love a random table or two. It's definitely on my list, many thanks!
  3. Well that'll learn me to be a Johnny-Come-Lately Second Ed C&C convert!! Thank you 🙂
  4. Hi gang when searching for fan factions a while ago I made a note to look for something (a supplement? Adventure?) called Divers & Sundry. I didn't note where I saw the reference(because I'm clearly an idiot), but I found the reference scrawled in an old notebook today. Anyone heard of it??
  5. I enjoyed the books. I think they would be better in the original Spanish, the English versions suffered in the translation. Going back to the film...tercios!! Don't think I've seen that on film before!!
  6. Great recommendation for Blood TideTide, thank you! Just finished reading it. I particularly like the voudun rules.
  7. Genius cinematography too...the scene where Maria tells Alatriste that her husband is dying looks just like a Rembrandt painting
  8. Where in Scotland? I know there's a bit of an RPG scene in Dundee...
  9. It's almost required viewing for Renaissance players - "stuff looks like this!"
  10. ...and for those of you who like magick mushrooms in their Clockwork & Chivalry games, there's A Field in England. <spoiler space> Frankly, it's a complete headf**k. But a beautiful headf**k!
  11. If anyone hasn't seen The VVitch, you really should. It's pretty much straight out of the Witchcraft chapter of Renaissance... <spoiler space> ...except for Black Philip, who is clearly The Black Man avatar of Nyarlathotep...
  12. I realise posting to an old thread may be necromancy, but with military campaigns it's always worth reading Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novels. Oh, I know they're clichéd and melodramatic, but Cornwall is brilliant at spotting gameable scenarios in military campaigns, and is great at villains too - it's years since I read them and I still loathe Sergeant Hakeswill!!
  13. Sounds like an utterly stunning game, and thank you for sharing it wih us all 😊
  14. And the scenes in the tunnels at the siege of Breda...brutal!!
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