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  1. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Quick reply, as I'm on my way out for lunch (will post more later), but if you were to offer up a text-only pdf of your notes for sessions 3 and 4...well, you have one sale at least 😆
  2. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    So I've read through the Heydelberg Horror and skimmed the Köln Machinations. As you know, I came for the factions, and they don't disappoint. The idea to include the 'provenance' of the tenets of the faith is inspired and will give the illusion of veracity to religious debates as players quote the Heydelberg Catechism or the Tridentine Creed to support their arguments. I love little details like these, though they can be ignored if preferred. Also good to see political factions shown as loyalty to royal houses, such as the Stuarts or the Bourbons. Very in keeping with the period. Now honestly, I intended to leave it there. My first Call of Cthulhu game was back in around '83 or '84 and I've been adding the Mythos into my games ever since, so am a little burned out on it, if I'm honest. Then I read the Cult of the Black Christ of Chalma, and it rang a bell, so I hit Google, and lo and behold, it's based on a real legend, and it's this kind of connection and extrapolation that made me fall in love with Call of Cthulhu all those years ago...reading the weird and making it fit the Mythos. Man, sometimes it's scary how little work is involved in doing that! So I read the adventure. Ostensibly it's for Clockwork and Cthulhu, so falls into the category of alt-history, but the clockwork elements aren't intrusive and easily dialled back - the Turkish clockwork warriors are in the background, the Red Scorpion can become an 'ordinary' barge and there is a random encounter which can be ignored if required, or used as-is on the basis that 'real world' clockworks of the time were amazingly intricate and inventive. Without spoilers, it's a solid adventure, tightly plotted with interesting NPCs (all of whom have a story and secrets to tell), but it is rooted in the Mythos - I'm debating a rework to plant it in the God/Satan cosmology, but to be honest it works so very well in the Mythos it would be a shame not to run it as is. I'll have a better read of the Köln Machinations, but the appendices have some great additions such as the day of the week affecting how various magics work - beautifully in keeping with the beliefs of the time. I think it would be a massive shame not to see parts 3 and 4, but understand that commercial considerations may hold sway. I do hope there may be a way to see them in print as, frankly, it's almost as if this ruleset and this campaign were written for me and my group. Thank you Jeff (and Peter and Ken!)
  3. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    I'll be happy to after a more thorough read through. But based on first impressions, I love it!
  4. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Doh! I forgot to mention Cthulhu Britannica: Folklore to add to the "perfect campaign for Steve and his friends" list...
  5. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Well the obvious one is when do we see parts 3 and 4, and what juicy extras are in store??
  6. So if, for the sake of argument, I was going to pull together a set of definitive rules for a Renaissance campaign, would it be worth getting hold of P&D? I would imagine the ships and sailing rules in a pirate game would be quite comprehensive?
  7. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Bought (along with the sequel) and this is exactly what I was looking for. I even had 1610 in mind for the campaign year! So Renaissance Deluxe, these factions and my old copy of A Mighty Fortress for AD&D and that's my 17th Century Europe sandbox campaign! Many, many thanks..
  8. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Hear that? That was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor... SOLD!!!!
  9. StevenGEmsley

    Random Question

    I'm not long out of a six year campaign inspired by hammer Horror movies - tromping around Eastern Europe foiling the machinations of Satanic witches, alchemists, vampires, serpent people, lesbian Satanist nuns, werewolves and Cthulhoid cultists and associated nasties. Much fun was had. Especially when I accidentally gave them rulership of Latveria.
  10. StevenGEmsley

    New factions for Renaissance?

    Hi all My Renaissance Hammer Horror campaign wound to a close last year after about 6 years of play. I miss it. Been running something similar for a new group, but with OSR D&D-type rules, but it's not the same. SO, I'm thinking of getting all Renaissanc-ified again, but something less Hammer-time. Now in my original game, factions took a back burner (similar to how they were handled in Dark Streets 2nd), but I'd like them to come to the fore in a more Elizabethan/Jacobean setting. So in the core we have Catholics, Puritans and Satanists. Check. In Clockwork & Chivalry we have Laudians (which is an easy fix for both Church of England and Lutherans, the difference being that CofE recognise the monarch as head of the church and Lutherans...well...don't. Do they? We also have Anabaptists who were present in Europe around the turn of the 17th Century. What about Judaism? Islam? Or the non-religious factions? We have the Invisible College in Clockwork & Chivalry, which gives the alchemists something to belong to. What about the Rosicrucians? Or the Freemasons? Are there any write-ups outside the core books (Renaissance/Clockwork & Chivalry/Clockwork & Cthulhu) of any other historically-appropriate factions? Online fan-work would be fine. Or if I do them myself, is here an appropriate place to host them? Cheers!