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  1. I see what you mean about that fight scene...that's dire!!
  2. Thanks @Butters, I'll give it a watch. Do the costumes look accurate? Hard to tell from that pic...
  3. StevenGEmsley


    So, browsing Amazon Prime Movies and I come across a film called Hex. The synopsis reads: "During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled by a witch." Anyone seen it or know anything about it?? Seems like a Clockwork & Chivalry scenario to me...
  4. I wasn't familiar wih A Dark Song, but it looks interesting and I'll definitely check it out, thanks!
  5. I started a thread in the main BRP forum asking about this, but it occurred to me to ask it again in here in a slightly different way - has anyone used this book to replace the Alchemy rules in Renaissance Deluxe? Any pitfalls or problems? Was it worth the effort?
  6. Here's the item in question I GM mainly historically-based games (Renaissance Deluxe being my usual weapon of choice) - very much low fantasy, but I do like to have some subtle magic in play. I came across Enlightened Magic: Sorcery & Alchemy Rules Based on Western Occult Traditions, and it reads well but does anyone have any experience of using it in play? Magic can be quite complex, once you start taking into account the seasons, day of the week (even hours of the day if you want to drill down that far), location, rituals and magical connections, even the colour of clothes your ch
  7. So, @Julich1610, looks like you have at least 2 takers to pay cold hard cash for your notes...whaddya say?? 😄
  8. Hi there @HeirophantX, you mean where is my campaign set, or where, physically, do we play? We're in South Yorkshire. You?
  9. Nor do I, regrettably, but the English translations are adequate, not great IMO
  10. Shiny! Mass combat and random tables...I do love a random table or two. It's definitely on my list, many thanks!
  11. Well that'll learn me to be a Johnny-Come-Lately Second Ed C&C convert!! Thank you 🙂
  12. Hi gang when searching for fan factions a while ago I made a note to look for something (a supplement? Adventure?) called Divers & Sundry. I didn't note where I saw the reference(because I'm clearly an idiot), but I found the reference scrawled in an old notebook today. Anyone heard of it??
  13. I enjoyed the books. I think they would be better in the original Spanish, the English versions suffered in the translation. Going back to the film...tercios!! Don't think I've seen that on film before!!
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