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Starter Set: Your Favorite Knight and Why?

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In the most recent (as to time of the opening of this thread) interview ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4asgueZCvQ ), David Larkins mentioned that he loves hearing about people's picks for the pregen characters in the Starter Set and what appealed to them in the character. So I figured that might make for a nice Forum Thread, compiling people's experiences and thoughts. 🙂

Alas, since I have not played nor GMed the Starter Set yet, I cannot comment too much for myself. However, I did watch Mark Morrison's playthrough of the Sword Tournament part of the Starter Set (with his own spin on it) in Youtube, and I really liked the intensity that the player brought to 'Dame' Lynelle. Talk about having a chip on her shoulder! Poor Sir Asterius shivering in the Frozen Wastelands of the North (AKA London) was very amusing as well, that fish out of (warm) water culture shock. But I am sure that different players might have played them in different ways, so YPWV!


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In our playthrough, Asterius was a stand out hit for his "stranger in a strange land" motif, but Cwenhild and surprisingly to me, Sir Clarion were also fun. 

I ran a full feast from Book of the Feasts for them following the events of the Sword Tournament, wherein Asterius' player (21F) decided they were smitten with Cwenhild. Cwenhild's player (24F) then proceeded to get drunk until they got to the point that they threw the "small Greek man" over their shoulder and walked off with him. It was one of the highlights of our evening.  

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