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Al-Azif Unearthed: The Unraveling - Edging Closer to Electrum!


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It’s been a little over six months since I released “Al-Azif Unearthed: The Unraveling” a Classic-Era scenario set in Arkham/Boston. At the beginning of June, I released as the first Miskatonic Repository scenario in Roll20 format, but the base scenario comes with lots of VTT support on its own. 

Here’s a direct link to the scenario:


But the better deal is the Bundle that has both it and the Roll20 versions:


I was pleased to have Lovecraftian artist Paul Carrick as the cover artist as well as some of the interior work. Paul has also done the cover art and a major interior for my next Gaslight-era scenario which I hope to get out by September!




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