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Random Trait Determination

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Could someone please clarify the rules for determining random traits from the Book of Knights
and Ladies for me?  On page 46 section B. Random Determination it states you roll
3d6 for each trait, adjust for religious and regional modifiers, then add 3 discretionary
points.  But then under the "Individual Differences" section it says you can put one trait
at 16 and modify your traits by another 6 points.  From what I've read "Individual Differences"
applies to both random and default methods of trait generation.  If that's the case it seems a
little too generous to me.  The older 4th edition rules gave the default method a 15 to valor
and one famous trait at 16 and only the random method got the 6 discretionary points to
spend.  What method do you use for random trait determination?


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I don't know what was intended in BoKL but I agree that it seems broken, and I am guessing it is just poorly written. I ignore the second 6 discretionary points and only give the 3 discretionary, the religious trait adjustment, and the regional adjustment (which as you write is already a lot). I do allow the selection of a famous virtue and/or a famous vice, but they must be a virtue/vice for the religion of the character.

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