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Workshopping ideas for a "mirror" to the Sword Lake GPC 486 adventure

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I have a GPC with a PK playing Dame Temura from the 6e starter. She has Vivienne Du Lac as her leige
so I'm sending her to brocilande forest in 486 while OTHER knights do the Sword Lake advenure.
But what for her to do?

elements in play/ Ideas I'm thinking of. Any advice. I want to try to keep it simple. The PKs will make new knights to accompany Temura while Temura does this, and Temura can make a new PK to play Sword Lake 

  1. lover knight from Bath who wants to marry her (pagan, energetic, generous, modest, honest)

  2. Ruin of a roman temple to Mars

    1. Symbol of MARS!

    2. Vs a hand mirror/pools of the lakes.

  3. Vivienne du Lac

    1. Relation to Diana

    2. Pagan lustfulness and Dianas “virginity” 

    3. Vivinne is magical but instead of changing into a goat like Merlin, maybe she seems ordinary and weak until channeling Pagan powers to put the sword through the lakes to hand off to merlin

    4. “Look at her with One Eye”

  4. A nunnery in Plouhel at the church of the Virgin

    1. Dance of Death + Ankou imagery 

    2. Under some kind of physical threat that Knights can take care of

  5. The idea of testing Temura with gift-giving. 

    1. VDL is giving gifts to local figures for goodwill

    2. Testing Temura’s Generosity and Pride 

    3. Gift for the nun

    4. Gift for local lady? 

    5. Gift for old roman pagan vassal (Mars worshipper?) 

    6. Gift she can keep that tests Generosity. 

  6. Testing Temura as a female knight

    1. Where are her skills in Industry?

    2. How will the Stewardship of the manors be accomplished

    3. Self-confidence or needing help (Pride/Modest)

  7. Farcical Aquatic Ceremony

    1. Merlin gets the sword at the same time.

      1. In Logres, a three eyed giant is fought. 

      2. In Brittany: Three Eyed Women?  test their compassion and nurture. 

      3. Not literally: one woman with a missing eye. One with both = 3

    2. So what is going on in Brocialande at the same time 

    3. How do the knights factor in?

    4. How can this adventure MIRROR the events of The Sword Lake?

      1. Combat vs noncombat

      2. Giants and Nukulevee vs something weird but not too weird

      3. Shapeshifting Merlin: normal Vivienne

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