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Skill training clarification?


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On p.184 of the softcover BGB, under the "Limits of Skill Training" header, it explains that "Training a skill to 100% or more is possible only for skills on the character sheet which have no experience checkbox: they are academic and informational in nature (your character either has or doesn’t know the information). These skills can only be learned through training and research."

This section seems to be cut 'n' pasted from RQ3, but doesn't seem to have been updated for BGB (all skills have a checkbox, whereas some in RQ3 like Plant Lore and World Lore did not).

It goes on to say (also more or less RQ3 text): "Any skill listed on the character sheet with an experience check box has a training limit of 75%."

So do all skills in BGB have a training limit of 75%, or are some of the skills on the character sheet supposed to lack a checkbox?

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Considering that Status has a checkbox, and it explicitly states under the skill that you can't advance it via the normal improvement rules, I'd say there are mistakes in the sheet.

As far as how advancing and training Knowledge skills go, I think it is up to the GM how to handle it since I don't believe the rules will give you a definitive answer.


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Thanks, Narl. I guess I could rule that the equivalent skills from RuneQuest, that didn't have boxes, shouldn't have boxes in BGB BRP too (should be Knowledges and Martial Arts, I'll have to scan to make sure I didn't miss any others).

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