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What do you guys think would be reasonable stats for some ancient shields like large oblong Celtic shields, phalangite-style pelte, wicker pelte, and Greek thureos?

The large Celtic shield seems similar to the Hoplite Shield or the Kite Shield in protective value and weight. My understanding is that Celtic shield construction varied considerably by tribe, but I'm modeling a heavily-constructed shield. I'm thinking it would not be as easy to carry as the hoplite shield, since it would lack the deep rim that can be rested on the shoulder, etc. My first pass:

Damage: 1D4

STR/DEX: 13/-

Size: Huge

Reach: Short

ENC: 3

AP/HP: 5/18

Notes: Infantry use only. Can parry missiles.

Considering bumping ENC to 4. What do you think?

On to the phalangite pelte (wooden/round/faced/~60cm diameter), which isn't too far from a Target Shield without the spike. So:

Damage: 1D4

STR/DEX: 9/-

Size: Large

Reach: Short

ENC: 2

AP/HP: 4/12

Notes: can parry missiles

And then the wicker pelte (a "half-shield," often crescent shaped, usually faced with animal skin/hide):

Damage: 1D2

STR/DEX: 7/-

Size: Large

Reach: Short

ENC: 1

AP/HP: 4/4

Notes: Can parry missiles

On to the Greek thureos: usually oval (sometimes more oblong), leather-covered wood with a central spine/handgrip. A large shield, but apparently weighed less than a hoplite-style round aspis (hard to find reliable data on this). No deep rim to rest on shoulder, though, so probably nets out about the same as far as carrying it around. My first pass lists it almost the same as a hoplite shield, but slightly less durable.

Damage: 1D4

STR/DEX: 11/-

Size: Huge

Reach: Short

ENC: 3

AP/HP: 5/12

Notes: Can parry missiles.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

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