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AD&D 2nd Edition Dragon Mountain Conversion


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Does anyone have any conversion notes for AD&D 2nd to BRP?

That looks pretty good. Are there con-versions for AD&D 1e and/or D&D3.0/5 around too?

I guess what we need most, for converting D&D adventures, is rules-of-thumb to translate the monsters and (which I didn't notice in the above document) traps, including how to deal with 'Saving Throws' and similar. Anyone got good 'rules' for that?

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D&D 3.0/3.5 is pretty easy to convert. The stat conversion above can still be used as is just ignore the percentile addition. Skills is another matter. Point wise the most correct way to do the skills are to just multiply the bonus with 5 and adding 50 to the result (equaling a take 10 usage). I myself have noticed that adding only 25 to that usually yields better and more usable numbers. Normally I just ignore Saving Throws and such since they can usually just be replaced with Characteristics Rolls and in some cases Skill rolls. As a general rule Fortitude Save = Stamina Roll, Reflex Save = Agility Roll and Will Save = Luck Roll. I usually keep it simple saying that DC 10 or lower = Easy Roll, DC 11-29 = Normal Roll and DC 30+ = Difficult Roll. If you want more detail on the modifiers you can instead just take (20-DC)*5= Skill Modifier in %. For example some trying to beat a DC 25 roll would have a -25% modifier to his roll. This applies to normal skill rolls too.

There is plenty of help to convert AD&D/D&D stuff here (as already mentioned): http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/brpclassicfantasy/

An couple of example creatures of where I have been using the above guidelines for conversions can be found here: http://0onegames.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=382

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I remember playing Dragon Mountain under 2nd Ed D&D first time round. It's a cool adventure and absolutely enormous but it is very high level. There's the initial defence of a village against a few hundred kobolds then the mountain itself which is filled with hundreds of nasty traps and about a fucking million kobolds. And they all have poisoned arrows that require a hideously difficult Con save to avoid instant death. Our 12/12 mage/priest died 5 times going through it (out of 14 times total before the end of the campaign. He always favoured a slightly 'bold' approach to the game).

Lots of fun though, but may need a lot of tinkering to make it work for BRP. Or you could just play it as a heroic level game to avoid a near-continual PC turnover rate. I'd be interested to hear how it goes, I've got some really good memories of playing through it.

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