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Odd Story feedback


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Hmmm ... three days and no replies ... :?

My excuse is that I am a simulationist who prefers science fiction settings,

your Odd Story system is just too rules light for my taste, and seems bet-

ter suited for fantasy settings anyway.

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Yeah I meant it to be a light game, with settings and templates to follow.

I've had a lot of downloads so far, so I figure the lack of feedback might be a decent sign, because I've noticed people tend to be more passionate about things they don't like than things they do. As in, when people don't like something they're far more likely to make a point of voicing their opinion than if they like something or at least think something is okay.

I do appreciate the reply :). Perhaps I'll bang together a sci-fi setting for it sometime. Right now I'm working on the mini Mick's Mystic Bowling Alley setting which won the setting vote on another forum. It was between that and a knight that got teleported through time to become a fast food employee.

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