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The Gate of Dusk - a Beer With Teeth adventure released today

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Dear BRP People!

We've released another publication today. 
http://tiny.cc/Gate-Of-Dusk-PDF The Gate of Dusk has a concise version of Beer With Teeth's Locaem setting, which we hope to expand in the future.  As well as an adventure, it's got a new setting area to develop (which we hope to make something of in the future) two short essays about female protagonists and calm minotaurs (no, really), and a lot of standees.  If you don't use paper models you can still admire the awesome full body art for every NPC.
For VTT players, there is a Roll20 module available, which I believe is the first RuneQuest VTT module on DTRPG/Roll20. http://tiny.cc/Gate-Of-Dusk-VTT. The module is streamlined for the adventure, more than the politics, although there's more than enough to run a game.  We left out the setting parts which we felt didn't go well with a VTT module, because the presentation was just wrong, and the infodumps did not play nicely with the handout system.
http://tiny.cc/TheGate-Of-Dusk-Bundle Is a bundle with both, for those who would like to have their PDF cake and eat it.
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Something weird and awful happened to the links.
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