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We welcome six new members to the team!


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Today Chaosium is delighted to welcome six new creative professionals to the team!

Joining as executive producer of RPGs is Mike Mearls. Mike notably spearheaded the extraordinary success of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition as the game's co-lead designer and creative director. His role at Chaosium is to lead in the creation, implementation, and management of strategies to grow the company's current and future TTRPG lines, and working with producers and creative teams on the day-to-day delivery of products for each game.

Call of Cthulhu taught me the value of storytelling in TTRPGs, while RuneQuest opened my eyes to the possibilities of mythic worldbuilding”, said Mike Mearls. “I’m incredibly excited to join Chaosium and help carry forward the company’s tradition of excellence.”

“Mike is one of those industry pros who’s a true gamer at heart, and someone who, like all of us at The Chaosium, has loved our company's games since his youth. We’re excited to have him join our RPG team.” said Chaosium President Rick Meints. 

Three new team members have joined Chaosium's new board games studio, which launched earlier this year with the phenomenally successful Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game kickstarter. Martyna Machnica is marketing lead for the studio; Artur Mikucki is a graphic designer; and Sasza Redwan is a game developer. All three bring considerable board games industry experience and passion for games to their roles in our new studio which is based in Poland.

Lance Jackson is well-known in Australian MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing circles as a producer of live-streamed combat sports. But wanting to run some Call of Cthulhu remotely for his friends, Lance taught himself to how to convert tabletop roleplaying books over to VTT systems, and is joining us as a VTT developer.

Having recently won Itch.io's sixth annual Game Jam (theme: "game like it's 1928") with her indie game Letters to Cthulhu, Lucienne Impala joins Chaosium's digital content team.

Joining us in welcoming them all!

Mike MearlsMike Mearls

Mike Mearls is Chaosium's executive producer for RPGs.

Mike has been a player and creator of TTRPGs for decades. He began his professional career as a freelance designer in the late 1990s, on titles such as Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, and Vampire: the Masquerade. He led the creation of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, the most successful iteration of that game. These days he plots how to bring more Arthurian knights, Rune Lords, and Cthulhoid cultists into the lives of TTRPGers across the world.

company bio

Martyna MachnicaMartyna Machnica

Martyna Machnica is marketing lead in Chaosium's new board games studio that launched with Horror on the Orient Express The Board Game.

Martyna is a big fan of all types of games - video games, board games, and TTRPGs; these activities are the primary way she spends her free time. The broad world of the Cthulhu mythos has a special place in her heart, but don't worry, she is not a cultist! On the other hand, that's exactly what any cultist would say...

Martyna is based in Lublin, Poland, where she graduated from the University of Marie Curie-Sklodowska with a master’s degree in psychology. Later on, she turned her focus in the direction of marketing, which better suited her creative brain.

Martyna is a dog mom for a lovely, rescued pup named Doctor, after one of the famous doctors from pop culture.

company bio

Artur MikuckiArtur Mikucki

Artur Mikucki is a graphic designer in Chaosium's board games studio.

A geographer and marketing specialist by education, Artur is a graphic designer by passion. He has been deeply passionate about board games and roleplaying games for many years, merging his interests by enhancing game aesthetics.

Residing near Poznań, Poland, Artur is a devoted husband and father to Gabi and Łucja. He is also the proud owner of two Basenjis, Nefi and Nori.

company bio

Sasza RedwanSasza Redwan

Sasza Redwan is a game developer in Chaosium's board games studio.

Sasza boasts a robust 12-year tenure within the board game industry, initially serving as a salesman at a local board game shop before transitioning into a managerial role. Since 2018, he's been an integral part of the Polish board game publisher Granna, contributing to the development of notable games including Dwergar, Gutenberg, and Printing Press.

Sasza indulges his passions for gaming, geek culture, and ultimate frisbee in his leisure time. Currently residing in Warsaw, Poland, he remains dedicated to advancing the board game landscape.

company bio

Lance JacksonLance Jackson

Lance Jackson is a VTT developer at Chaosium.

Having trained in database design and film and TV production, Lance worked in computer call centres until he was able to pivot into a career live streaming combat sports events around Australia (MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing). Wanting to run some Call of Cthulhu remotely for his friends, he taught himself to how to convert books over to VTT systems, and is always looking at ways to improve the experience for players and GMs. Lance also has way too many retro video games.

company bio

Lucienne ImpalaLucienne Impala

Lucienne Impala is a digital content specialist at Chaosium.

Lucie is an award-winning game designer and sometimes Twitch streamer located in Naarm, Melbourne. When she's not learning, playing, or creating new games, she can be found spending time in her garden or relaxing with her three demon cats: Asmodeus, Balthazar, and Cthylla.

company bio

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