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Wanted - PbP GM


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I placed an add on rpol.net for a game for two PCs I'd like to play.

Basically, it's set in a late medieval early renaissance low fantasy world, with competing city states. Think Italy. One of the cities undergo some sort of upheaval, a coup perhaps, that forces the two PCs to flee.

The general focus of the game would be seeing how the PCs survive on their own, escaping their enemies and make a new life for themselves.

It would be more about character development and relationships than combat, though I'd certainly like some of that as well.

The books about Sun Wolf and Starhawk by Barbara Hambly have been in the back of my mind for this game as a general inspiration.

It would be a great opportunity to try out the new rules for a GM who has them ;-)

The add is here Wanted - GMs on RPoL, thread #5864

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