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Los Angeles Basic Roleplayers


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Thought I'd chime in on your thread. I live in the West LA area, and like to include my almost-eleven-year-old daughter in my gaming. I have yet to teach her a BRP game, but we've played d6 Star Wars, Faery's Tale, and both the old Basic D&D and 1st ed AD&D. We currently have an infrequent group of dads and kids that plays the Basic D&D, but no other games.

As for BRP games, I like Call of Cthulhu and the Chaosium 2nd ed of Runequest. I also like several old-school games, please feel free to click on my profile. I'd be interested in a kid-friendly group of like-minded players, so Paul, and any other like-minded Angelenos, feel free to drop me a line! Thanks.

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