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  1. Thanks Conrad. My map PDFs don't have hexes though, just the scale in leagues. Did Kris happen to mention which of the two league measurements that Nick mentioned he had in mind?
  2. I've never understood why some folks get bent if you post on an old thread. Seeing continued interest seems great to me! Anyway, that map is just a section of a larger map of "The North Kingdom." I can't recall if it was part of a purchase or not, but I have it on my hd. Anyway, the large map has a scale listed in leagues. Eyeballing it, I'd say it's five or six leagues between Brond Mindas and Highbank. Hope that helps.
  3. I prefer to run games in either Arkham or Manhattan.
  4. I would be more practical. The Mythos is a very specialized branch of the Occult. Her Mythos score goes up as normal, but right now she doesn't know it. She does, however, know how the Occult works, theory and history, and she's obviously an expert at Tarot readings. And Tarot does just what it's supposed to. She takes readings and gains insight into the investigation. Although I have to say that I wouldn't allow beginning characters to start with any skill as high as 80%. And I normally have players roll up characters with me. That way I can correct any misunderstandings, IE if they don
  5. A picture's worth a thousand words. Type "how we lived in the 1920s" into Youtube, and you'll find some fine short films. This one is especially good, animations based on old postcards: Very cool video on Youtube
  6. Wow. OK. So, let's take a concept from other games, magic-poor vs magic-rich, or something similar. You can have a setting with wizard guilds and magic shops where everyone has several enchanted items and they live in floating houses with bound demons for guards. Or, you can have a game where rumors of a local witch remain just that, and a cow was once born with two heads, and the only weapons you've seen are knives and clubs and maybe a pitchfork if the guy was imaginative. See what I'm getting at? HPL says there are a few old tomes locked up, here and there. Once or twice, ever, someone with
  7. I've never seen reasonable pricing on Noble Knight. In my experience, if no one here has one to sell, keep checking eBay. Eventually you'll get a copy at a decent price. You just have to be patient.
  8. I get the Oriental Express reference, but I'm unaware of Cthulhoid versions of RUR and Clue..?
  9. As you can see, you can discuss anyone's products that might be of interest -- this isn't a company-owned site. I second the recommendation of Achtung Cthulhu, which has some gonzo stuff. WW Cthulhu seems a bit drier. I haven't seen Weird War 2, but it really sounds right up my alley! I'll have to try and remember to check it out. Have fun!
  10. Yes Mandilaras, that is exactly how you should handle it. Secret rolls. You should also take every opportunity to twist his request however possible. And if you can think of a way that there might not be an answer, go with it. If you can make Divination inconvenient, or debilitating as Castings suggested, that's fair game as well. But honestly, I can't imagine even giving a player, let alone a starting one, such a potential game-breaker. Your feeling about his plans only reinforces my urge to limit his ability any way you can. You might even talk to him before the game, so he un
  11. Congratulations! I've been running and playing CoC since its birth. Feel free to bring any concerns.
  12. Yiddish is close enough to German that if someone spoke Yiddish, I could usually figure out what they were trying to get across. I don't think Yiddish is as similar to Hebrew though. Yiddish is more of a dialect of German, used by the Jewish population among themselves as a first language. Hebrew was supposed to be reserved for prayer. If one had no other language in common, I can see it being used for secular conversation. Unless your game is set post-WWII, in which case that issue goes away and Hebrew is opened up for daily use.
  13. Just thought I'd share this site in case anyone is unaware. Excellent selection of figures available! Pulp Figures
  14. "Charile's Angels versus the Mythos." Brilliant. People who try to invalidate either the use or non-use of miniatures in gaming (or any other gaming habit) have an axe to grind. My friends and I bought CoC on release in '81 and used the paper miniatures. When Citadel's CoC figure line came out in '85 we used them too.
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