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  1. Thanks, but as you conjectured, I'm looking for the BRP version. I already own the 2nd ed AD&D Glory of Rome and the Basic D&D Dawn of the Emperors, so I've got gaming perspectives on a Roman setting. If I'm going to buy something BRP-related, I'll hold out for the BRP version. I'm in no hurry.
  2. If anyone has a copy of BRP's Rome: Life and Death of the Republic at a non-collectible price, I'd be grateful. What I've found online is a bit too rich for my blood. I also have some items to trade, if that's more your style. Located in California. Thanks!
  3. I have lived in a 25mm world since the 70s, 15mm for Traveller. These figures would be nice for adding to my Traveller stable. Thanks for posting.
  4. I ran Shadows of Yog-Sothoth when it was first released. My players and I had an amazing, top-notch experience with it. I agree that Masks and Orient Express will require a huge amount of effort to run. By contrast, Shadows was a breeze to run. If you're playing CoC, I would say that you should expect PC attrition. If you don't like that, either change the rules or the scenario. But that doesn't make Shadows any less than a great campaign choice. Alternatively, I would suggest Arkham Unvelied / Miskatonic University as a great campaign setting. If you want an over-arcing struggle against a Big Bad, it's simplicity to introduce. Good luck to you and your players.
  5. Here is a link to a blogger who makes templates for papercraft figures. This link is to a few Cthulhoid monsters he made. I built the shoggoth, it looks pretty good. Mythos Creatures
  6. What he posted so far is here: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/category/47-middle-earth/ If he wrote more, I'd be very grateful to see!
  7. Every game I run, in every setting, is pulp. As in, the feel and style of the fiction published in the pulps. And I don't hesitate to introduce Cthulhoid elements into other games. I prefer my "Call of Cthulhu" in the 20s, although I'll make a few exceptions. I imagine that you're considering pulp to mean a 30s setting. I haven't seen the pulp cthulhu book, so maybe it's influencing your outlook. Bottom line, if you're not sure how your players might react, ask them. 😉
  8. No, all three that I mentioned have magic that's based on BRP, but tweaked. None of them do the RM Spell Lists by magic "type."
  9. Tywyll, while I don't recall where that specific link led, there was Fergo's adaptation hosted here on BRP Central, plus one more by an author I referred here; I think he may have uploaded his file here after that, as well. Finally I also recommend Age of Shadow. It's a monograph edition. If you need me to refresh my memory, I have all three works sitting around, so I can get more specific.
  10. Since you're asking, here's my opinion. Personally, I see OQ as a lite, inexpensive option for playing Runequest (or BRP). And the more it resembles a lite RQ2, the more likely I am to buy copies for all the players in my group. Unless an OQ3 was going to get more like RQ2 lite, I wouldn't be interested. There are way too many BRP variants as it is. And in general, I'm strongly opposed to re-written editions of any game. Supplements, sure. Additional options, sure. But not re-writes. That just fragments the player base.
  11. I know how to drive, ride a horse and have a motorcycle license. They're all three very, very different, and IMO should have separate skills.
  12. I use miniatures in all my rpg gaming. But I'm pretty strict about using 25mm. "28-ish" equaling "25-32" doesn't work for me at all, I hate scale-creep and will continue to use my vast collection of 25's. Happy to consider the purchase of new 25's. I voted "Other."
  13. Thanks for the replies! I just hope I don't miss it when you're finished and post your work!
  14. Good to hear, Raleel. Thanks in advance.
  15. This particular topic comes up once in a great while. Has anyone actually written something up that they'd be willing to share? While I don't have time to run a VPS Fading Suns game (mostly because the system is so clunky to me), and I don't have time to write up another rules hack, if someone actually has one written up that I can just use, I think I might have the time to run a game. And isn't that what it's all about? 😉
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