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  1. Baron

    OpenQuest what would you change?

    Since you're asking, here's my opinion. Personally, I see OQ as a lite, inexpensive option for playing Runequest (or BRP). And the more it resembles a lite RQ2, the more likely I am to buy copies for all the players in my group. Unless an OQ3 was going to get more like RQ2 lite, I wouldn't be interested. There are way too many BRP variants as it is. And in general, I'm strongly opposed to re-written editions of any game. Supplements, sure. Additional options, sure. But not re-writes. That just fragments the player base.
  2. I know how to drive, ride a horse and have a motorcycle license. They're all three very, very different, and IMO should have separate skills.
  3. Baron

    Do you use figures in RQ Poll

    I use miniatures in all my rpg gaming. But I'm pretty strict about using 25mm. "28-ish" equaling "25-32" doesn't work for me at all, I hate scale-creep and will continue to use my vast collection of 25's. Happy to consider the purchase of new 25's. I voted "Other."
  4. Baron

    BRP Fading Suns Hack?

    Thanks for the replies! I just hope I don't miss it when you're finished and post your work!
  5. Baron

    BRP Fading Suns Hack?

    Good to hear, Raleel. Thanks in advance.
  6. Baron

    BRP Fading Suns Hack?

    This particular topic comes up once in a great while. Has anyone actually written something up that they'd be willing to share? While I don't have time to run a VPS Fading Suns game (mostly because the system is so clunky to me), and I don't have time to write up another rules hack, if someone actually has one written up that I can just use, I think I might have the time to run a game. And isn't that what it's all about? 😉
  7. Baron

    Fading Suns Energy Shield

    Sorry for the thread resurrection. Kphan2121, how did it go with your BRP Fading Suns hack? I'm really, really interested!
  8. Baron

    Floor Tiles?

    Can anyone recommend free (or cheap) floor tiles / terrain that I can use for a Halloween CoC game that I'm running for my daughter and her friends this Saturday? They've never played CoC, so I'd like to make it memorable. I have a Chessex grid mat which I can use, but other than that I only have dungeon floor tiles. Maybe there are some posted online, or even cheap Drivethru downloads. I used to have box of Cthlulhu-ish floor tiles decades ago, but no longer. Thanks!
  9. This is BRP Central, of course it's OK to post. It's of interest to BRP fans!
  10. Baron

    "Secrets of Japan" and martial arts

    Well, you could always look at two BRP books, The Celestial Empire, and Dragon Lines. CE is more historical, while DL is more Hong Kong movie. Both have quite a lot of martial arts styles, powers and rules that you can use in your Cthulhu games. Have fun!
  11. Baron

    Pulp Cthulhu

    I have Astounding Adventures and I like it very much. I'm not using Pulp Cthulhu or 7th ed, but I would think that you would find AA inspirational if nothing else. There's been a huge amount of excellent material written pre-7th. You would be doing yourself and your players a disservice to pass it up.
  12. Baron

    Middle-earth Basic Roleplaying preview

    Agreed, I'd run it the week after it's complete!
  13. Baron

    Figures for A Time to Harvest?

    OK, 100 Chinese train figures for $1, 100 poker chips for $1, a couple of Lesneys for a couple bucks each, and here are the results! (Three packs of Bob Murch's Pulp Figures also on the way, for considerably more, but what the heck.)
  14. Baron


    OK, got 100 Chinese pre-painted figures for train sets for a dollar. Got 100 poker chips to glue them to, that's a second dollar. Two Lesney's arrived today, couple more bucks each. Here are the results!
  15. Baron


    Lesneys? Really? I thought they'd be too small. They're totally affordable on ebay, but I hesitate to buy them without seeing them in person, next to a figure.