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Which BRP optional Rules for a CoC style Game?


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The sanity rules, of course.

There must be some others, but the main goal of Call of Cthulhu is to remain as rule-light as possible.

Having said that, you can play it exactly as you want. You can for instance use the hit location rules (which first appeared in a Call of Cthulhu adventure, if I'm not wrong about that). Choosing the options that best fit to what you exactly want is what is what makes the BRP amazing!

Personnaly, I run Cthulhu adventures with BRP rules.

Just note that some things are a bit different in Call of Cthulhu rules. Damage, for instance, are 1D3 for punch, 1D4 for head butt and 1D6 for kick, why all of them are 1D3 in the BRP system. Likewise, there is no generic Brawling skill in Call of Cthulhu but three different skills: Punch, Head butt and Kick...

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