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[Fractured Hopes] Call for Playtesters

Charles Green

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I've reached a point where I need playtest data for Fractured Hopes. I will be playtesting myself, but it is always good to have additional people go through it and see how it plays.

What I'm looking for:

1. Someone with a current group who can make at least monthly reports (ideally, this would be weekly).

2. Someone who can provide actual, table-top experience of the game.

3. The ability to play the rules as written. If you have tweaks that you think would make particular systems work better, I'd love to hear them, but only if you've tried it the proper way first.

4. You'll also need to have the Basic RPG Zero Edition, or most of the game won't make any sense.

What I'm not looking for:

1. Editing. Yes, I know there are typos.

2. "Eye-balling" impressions. If you think the rules won't work, it's much better to have playtested them and come back to me with specific critiques, than it is to simply say "it doesn't look right" without actually trying them.

What do you get?"

1. Playtesting credit in the final manuscript for all who are involved.

2. Serious gratitude on my part.

3. The knowledge that you've helped out a fellow fan.

PM me here if you are interested.


Charles Green

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