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  1. I am purging my books in preparation for a move, and found an old copy of Griffin Island amongst the clutter. The box is beaten all to Hell, but the contents are intact complete. I doubt I'll ever get a chance to run it, and thought it should go to someone who might. Mainly looking to sell, but might be interested in trade for the right items. Presently looking for 6mm to 15mm miniatures, either fantasy or sci-fi. Games Workshop Epic models would be ideal. Thanks for looking! Charles
  2. I agree. I've had a problem with the sexual dimorphism rules, and thought they had been removed at my suggestion. The idea that men are generally stronger than women isn't actually backed up by science, and is one of those cultural things that everyone assumes is true but isn't. While it is true that individual men can be stronger than individual women, that works both ways; individual women are stronger than individual men. And inclusion rules that say otherwise is a big, flashing neon sign that says "this game isn't for women".
  3. There are no rails in the Astral Sea. Homeward is designed first and foremost to be about player agency; the stories that develop during play are those relating to the PCs and their desire to find Home. The adventures I have are about placing the group in certain situations, or at certain places, rather than being enmeshed in a plot that the GM sets up beforehand. Which is not to say that all adventures are going to be one-shots. Some are short min-campaigns, about 2 to 3 session each. But even these are set up to be slotted in where applicable. One adventure is "you're marooned on a desolate
  4. 1. For simplicity's sake, tech level for each world is a case-by-case basis. Most of the worlds are some form of fantasy, but high tech worlds do exist, and there are methods for accessing the Astral Seas via technological means. Visually, I'm describing Astral ships as sailing vessels, but this is mostly colour, and the whole thing could be done Star Trek style with fancy techno-magick vessels. The specifics of the ship the PCs depend on the group; it comes with some stock features, and each it can get an additional feature for each PC in the group. So, it starts off as a basic ship-of-the-li
  5. Since I missed the Q&A (curse my poor grasp of international time zones), I thought I'd chime in and answer any questions about Homeward: Weird Adventures on the Astral Seas, my setting book for Revolution d100. In Homeward, everyone is from somewhere else. The players are all crew on a dimension-traveling ship. None were born on it, and some may die on it. You might be a sorcerer-king in exile, a wandering philosopher seeking Enlightmentment, an angel of the Higher Worlds fallen to crude matter, or something even stranger. Powerful though you may be, you are, at heart, in exile; estrange
  6. I could have sworn that 19:00 GMT was 7 PM my time. So sorry to have missed out on this!
  7. I concur. An English-language edition stretch goal would absolutely get me to pledge.
  8. I'm intrigued. I've always heard good things about this, but don't speak Swedish. And it is surprising to see an old Stormbringer cover in a different context.
  9. Do you have a link for the RPG.net post? I want to follow it, but can't find it.
  10. I had an error message when trying to pay via Paypal ("invalid transaction"), but got a payment with a credit card to go fine. There seemed to be an issue about needing to verify my shipping address first, but that might have been unrelated.
  11. I have a plan in place already. Thanks for the recommendation though. I've been giving GORE a lot of thought lately.
  12. You obviously don't know my spouse.
  13. While I appreciate this sentiment, I have an agreement with my spouse that writing work I do is not disseminated for free.
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