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BRP "Eldritch Skies"?


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Recently Battlefield Press launched a kickstarter for a Savage Worlds version Eldritch Skies. But what about BRP?

My flawed Eldritch Skies review goes into more detail, but essentially it merges Lovecraft's Mythos with space opera. Sanity loss becomes the effects of Hyperspatial Exposure, the Mi-Go and Elder Things are inscrutable and untrustworthy aliens, and Great Cthulhu and the rest are beings that dwell within hyperspace and (fortunately for us) cannot wholly manifest in our space. Mankind has spread to a handful of other planets through hyperspace gates and a recently invented hyperdrive, largely ignorant of the horrifying dangers lurking within their spiffy gadgets.

Were I doing a homebrew port, I'd start with Computational Sorcery from The Laundry RPG and make it the heart of typical near future gadgets. The world of Eldritch Skies includes ghoul hybrids, deep-one hybrids, and suspiciously advanced genetic and bio-mechanical engineering; a modified Super Powers system might suffice, although I might penalize powered individuals with fewer skill points or vulnerabilities related to their augmentations. (Unisystem and presumably Savage Worlds handle augmentations with their native point-buy system.) Fate Points (p 176) might make the game more survivable. I'd probably translate the Hyperspatial Exposure rules as is, since I love the concept, and forget SAN.

Has anyone else done this, though? How did it go?


"Welcome to the hottest and fastest-growing hobby of, er, 1977." -- The Laundry RPG
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Don't forget John Ossoway's excellent Cthulhu Rising with Lovecraft in the Alien franchise universe. It uses BRP BGB rule options to give an excellent representation of the gritty scifi universe. As a stand-alone monograph it's one of the best there is. I've runa great campaign using that and the supporting material that he put out.

Look for River of Heaven later this year for his new take on sci fi action.


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