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Missing page problem


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I know this probably isn't quite the right place to complain, but I wasn't sure where to ask for at least some advice on what to do. I sorta wanted to use BRP to make a homebrew rpg (pacfic Rim if you want to know, will probably get BRP Mecha soon enough) and so I ordered a hardcover copy from Amazon.ca and going through I noticed page 34-35, page 38-39 (about profession) 58-59, 61-62 (in skills) are completle blank, does anyone know anything that could be done about this? is it a big problem if I don't have those particular page?

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If it's missing pages then you have received a defective product. You can return the book to Amazon.ca at no charge. Go to their website and then to the 'Returns Centre'. Follow the instructions you find there.

"Tell me what you found, not what you lost" Mesopotamian proverb



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