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Rules for skill maximums and skill degradation?


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If I recall correctly RQ 2e and/or 3e had some rules for priests getting a maximum of DEX x5 for certain skills imposed due to the demands of their position.

What are some other rules out there limiting max skill ratings in various BRP iterations or variants? If I'm reading the BGB correctly, there are no max ratings by default.

Also are there any rules out there for skills degrading due to age or disuse? We have some small chance of losing a point or so now and then from failed training or research, but otherwise what's out there, say to prevent a long-lived elf from eventually getting all their skills up well over 100?

And philosophically what do you think of these sorts of rules?

I'm thinking for a short campaign, I wouldn't bother. But for an open-ended campaign, I'm looking for some simple options. One idea I had was that if you blew your skill experience check - say by rolling a crit - instead of simply not getting the skill improvement as on a roll of under your skill rating, you'd be penalized by losing a few percentiles from a skill of your choice, representing that skill degrading due to neglect while you're concentrating on improving other skills.

Would something like that bother you? I'm thinking it might annoy me as a player.

What are your best solutions or suggestions for this sort of thing?


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RQ6 has an option of limiting the "saving throw"-skills to characteristic x5 - I think it is a neat way to make aging a bigger thing, but not so much in normal play.

The Shores of Korantia-setting has a neat and simple mechanic, limiting maximum skill to base percentage x5 (base percentage being based on the total of two stats). 

If you include Unknown Armies, it had some interesting attribute/skill-mechanics as well.


Personally I'm not a fan of decreasing skills on a poor improvement-roll. Not getting any points at all is bad enough ;)

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