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  1. The children's primary attribute in helping them grapple down a fully grown man would be to be so adorable as to be unpunchable. Even in 10 on 1 situation, all ten can't attack at one, and their attacks, even if demonic and devoid of normal children's mental safeguards (such as they are), will at best be feeble. I'd treat them as singular rabble in groups of 2 or 3, depending on size. Only two groups can attack at a time, and with a success they'll effectively grip, not grapple. If a second group scores a success, they pile up and can use the grappling effects. Even so, they might struggle to hang on. If the children wants to stop the adult from leaving, they should take a rock to his toes to even the odds.
  2. Then I am sorry to say that RQ, along with most of the BRP-family, will disappoint. The entire schtick is that a single good hit will drop you, and even a glancing blow is potentially worrisome. From my admittedly spotty memory of RQ3, there were magics to boost both survivability and badassedness. The new RQ might go the same way. Loz&Pete's tweaks to the system makes it less deadly, but you'll still drop real quick.
  3. The new RQ uses much the same damage values as the original RQ and BRP-core. It is very hairy, and I'm pretty certain that was a design goal. There is very little in the BRP-core that doesn't work. This "problem" is adressed and fixed by The Design Mechanism in Mythras (and MRQII/Legend/RQ6). Combat is still dangerous and not something to be entered into lightly, but combat is more likely to end with a victor instead of a corpse or soon-to-be-corpse, and the outcomes rely as much on decisions made in battle as the roll of the dice.
  4. Yeesh! Sorry guys, but I don't see that logo doing you any favours.
  5. Baragei

    skirmishing rules

    jezreel's question is a good one. Loz and/or Pete: any plans for the original rules on tactical movement? And if not, how about making them into one them free downloads? I liked them. They may be surpassed by Classic Fantasy, but they hit a nice sweet spot for me.
  6. Chronicles of Future Earth would fit right in with all the other potentially great games they've got begging for mercy on the 2d20-rack.
  7. Huh. I wonder if they can count on one single finger how many sales they've lost because of this particular file, and how many hands they need to count the net gain.
  8. Guys, reading the last few post I really don't understand what you're arguing about here. Everything originated from the same metaphorical animal - which was RuneQuest. Think of it as the original wolf dogs evolved and bred from. Now we have lots of dogs - some are small, some are big, some herd sheep and some drink out of the toilet. But they're all dogs. I think I read this in CoC; "This game doesn't have a lot of rules. This means that you don't need to spend a lot of time learning rules, and you'll be an expert in no time." (or something like that). They didn't say that I'd be well on my way to being an expert in a whole lot of other games as well!
  9. Players are a sneaky lot.
  10. 1. I really, really guess so. 2. Yes, you are correct. Being hit with a critical is as bad in Mythras as its predecessors. 3.It seems to be one of the most common houserules. I go by RAW, but another houserule that seems to have met with some success is to allow for the attacker to shift the location hit to an adjacent one with a single level of success.
  11. I already got a copy. [cue maniacal laughter] Hahaha! For anyone who doesn't have a copy, it is really good. Not sure if it is 100dollar-good, but if that is the going price these days..
  12. I can agree with Alex' summary. Those are the "soft" tools that make Mythras work. Then there is the general d100-tool - easygoing and uninvasive in roleplaying, and brutal and dangerous in action. Mythras adds to the fun with visceral and tactical combat effects. It all makes players (my players, at least) get into the groove and stay there. Add to that that even a novice worldbuilder can create and tinker until beards grow long and white with the toolkit given, and you got a great game.
  13. While we're on the subject of the Death Star. I suppose that one would classify as a capital ship? Apart from Force-guided photon topedoes, how do you damage capital ships? Not kill them, but damage them. Am I missing something in the rules, because I can't find any other way than to chip away at their insane number of hit points?
  14. Baragei

    Genetic Mod Ideas

    Welcome then, new one. With Mythras, the core attributes doesn't matter all that much. In order to make a difference, you'd have to allow for some massive boosts - raising STR from 10 to 30 would give you 4 steps of damage bonus and a +20 skill base. Not hugely impressive for what is effectively the raw physical STR of a small elephant. I'd say the way to go is to give bonuses to skills and actions instead. The ideas you're listing are pretty effectively covered by or can be extrapolated from Mythras' mysticism-rules and various bestiary traits (provided you have the corebook).
  15. Fair point. In my mind a quickstart is a (free) pdf. Dead tree Quickstarts is another matter. I will now go sit over here.
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