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Superworld Power Clarification


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Running a game with a bunch of people inexperienced with Superworld, so hopefully some of you pros can help answer a question I have.

I have been forcing everyone to take power transfer and missing effects in order to use their powers with their objects carried and worn - things like insubstantial, invisibility, teleport, micro siz.  Nothing in the power descriptions say that the powers work for anything other than the hero by default.  Are they supposed to?  Seems like all these extra stipulations just so they aren't suddenly naked in battle have made things very complicated. 

Can someone please tell me if I can be the bearer of good news to the players and have them undo all the stipulations since they don't apply?

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All of those powers extend to the equipment carried by an individual unless the Missing Effect, or similar, limitation is being used. That is in regards to personal powers, those that affect the individual user only. The characters in your campaign are over paying.

If it takes more than 5 minutes to understand, it's not basic.

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