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    History buff with some very worldly job experience from Military service, Construction and Truck Driving. In short, some education with lots of worldly experience coupled with a joy of gaming.

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  1. I used a measure of both. Players would be rewarded for their contribution to the enjoyment of the scenario as a whole with "Non-Specific Experience Checks". Meaning, basically, XPs, Hero Pts. or whatever you want to call them to be spent on skills or other they wished. I had developed a basic cost chart for these N.S.E.C.s for various uses. This could also be used to help skills that weren't used in that session if that was the desire of the player.
  2. As the Thanatari has "incorporated" a part of the original person, raped the world of it's life/power, then I could see the Thanatari's rune power supplying the strength to continue to use the spells of Major Heads at least. Essentially the spells of Create Head fashion from the living person a still living Powered Crystal from which the Thanatari can drain/draw knowledge and power. After all, wasn't that the basis of Thanatar.
  3. If you have a character who is preparing for a major quest or activity, allowing for huge sacrifices seems right to me. I've had PCs prepare for months of game time for just a single event and good for them they did.
  4. This Rune Magic system seems like an expanded, formulaic if you will, Divine Intervention system. Will Divine Intervention, as a spell or an action, continue to exist?
  5. Bigger when their weapons are in use.
  6. North West Arkansas with serious longing for better gaming days/territories.
  7. A character purely for the use of the G.M. I would say he's not playable any more than Galactus or Eternity are playable characters. If it's an academic activity have at a try but if you are looking to create characters with a possible playability, he's not part of it.
  8. I would be curious to see the Mystery Men and the characters from Kickass.
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