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LutherArkwright to the edge of reality campaign.


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10.31.71 is in a equivalent of The Nanotech Age. The technology is based on quantum mechanical manipulation. The laws of reality are bent and manipulation to the point where the normal rules no longer apply this manipulation is then locked in place using Crystalline structure. All there technology is based off of this allowing things beyond imagine, great floating cities ability to conquer their own solar system. There communications, weapons defense systems, archival of data, as a society as a society there holy dependedent upon it. 
The entire civilized earth is now On great flying cities that float miles above the earth surface. The surface of the earth is a prehistoric nightmare filled with giant lifeforms and completely uninhibited by man. This parallels divergence happened 10k years ago all of mankind was enslaved by the Watchers. Ehoch and his son Noah somehow had gained access to the most powerful of the Watchers Technology device called Ark and with it changed laws of nature to their own perception. This had an immediate disastrous effects upon the watchers as now all there Science and knowledge was useless to them and no longer function. Retribution Was immediately exacted on the watchers who had enslaved them for so long. A great battle ensued between Enoch and the disruptors or what they new as the watchers. 
The nature of reality and physics was changed out to the edge of our solar system. This won the war but at a great cost for the laws of nature were changed. Its effects traviled in both directions on This Parallels timeline suddenly great prehistoric animals now Had dominion over the land and sea and air humanity had to flee the surface. In desperation to great cities were lifted into the skies the first Being Zion the 2ed was Retribution. Noah having stayed behind using arc to lift the cities and create a great ocean of water that totally and circled the outer stratosphere. To ensure their protection against the Watchers. But at this very time Ark in those instead behind operated were overrun destroyed by the  monstrosities that now occupied the surface of the earth. Sense that time they've been many attempts to Find and retrieve The Ark none have been successful. The calendar is measured from this event it is now 12134. The myriad of floating cities Are ruled by the great families. Our character start in the city of Retribution all of which have just been chosen for Lord Remiel Youth Academy. The society being highly militaristic nature requires the training of unarmed combat and the art of the dager and saber. Now is young sons and daughters of the great families you're required To report to the great city of retribution to be tested and trained in the finer arts military combat and house leadership.

Sorry about my grammar had to use Speech to text because my hands are Having to many trimmers to type today.
Will be running this on Roll20 date and times have not been determined yet.
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