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Who Ya Gonna Call? - Ghostbusters RPG


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Back in 1986, West End Games asked Chaosium to write Ghostbusters, the "frighteningly cheerful RPG". Gnome Stew recounts the history of the game, which included Sandy Petersen, Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis and Ken Rolston in the development team.  Ghost Busters is something of a classic for its elegant simplicity and humorous tone throughout.

I love how NPCs always have weirdly specific but dramatically appropriate skills - the Research Assistant "Who Gets Left Alone in the Lab to Watch Over Things" has Play Poker-5, Fail to Notice Obvious-5 and Knock Over Equipment Racks-5. (All characters have a goal - usually "Wealth", "Fame" "Serve Humanity" or "Souless Science", but that poor sucker gets "Not Get Killed by Monster (always fails)")


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