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Hey guys! Thanks for all the well-wishes for the Episode 2 cover. I've decided to make one for Episode 3 as well. I know that most people have probably already run it, but it's better late than never, as I always say. I've also done a 'wanted' poster for Nathan Roche, as detailed in the Tuque Police Station in Appendix B.

Please find the two files available on dropbox right here, alongside the cover for Episode 2.


ATtH episode 3 cover

Background Image circa 1920 image of Michigan from Wikicommons
Mi-Go from Wikicommons (couldn't find the original artist, sadly)
Crater (supposedly of the one in Vermont, but actually of one in Russia) from Siperian Times and republished through earthsky.org
The Purple Gang (they don't feature in the scenario, but they were active in Detroit around that time), period photograph.
Font is the Telegram HPLHS font by the wonderful HPLHS, distributed free under the Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License (for details, see the HPLHS site).

Nathan Roche Wanted Poster - I have written the prop in French (a good chance to brush up!) but it says the same thing as is written in the text of the scenario.

Picture of Nathan Roche (actually a picture of Napoleon) a period sketch, through Wikicommons
Title Font The Slab Serif HPLHS font, distributed under the same licence as the font I used in the cover.
Details Font Modern No. 20 available through the Microsoft Office Suite. It came on my computer :P

Anyway; that's it! I hope you guys enjoy and find it valuable.

Edited by Ebon
Sorry guys, I stuck the wrong link to the prop files! I have fixed it now.
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Thanks Ebon, very nice covers!

If it can help, I’ve proofread your French translation ;)
Connaissez-vous cet homme ?

Nom: Nathan Roche
Âge: Inconnu

Si vous avez des informations, merci de contacter l’inspecteur Degarmo au poste de police de La Tuque


I’m pretty sure “commissariat” is used in France and “poste de police” is used in Canada.
btw Degarmo doesn’t sound really french to me and I can’t refrain from seeing a famous tyrant instead of a poor hobo :P 

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I have updated Nathan's wanted poster (check the dropbox link for the file). I'm quite unfamiliar with Canadian dialect, so I suspected that I missed something there. Thanks for the heads-up, Dithral.

Also, thanks for the kind words, Bazil.

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So in an earlier thread some folks didn't like that the Mi-Go self identified, and a suggestion was made for them to do something along the lines of "we've been known as..." for a little bit of misdirection.  Another person also noticed an inconsistency in terms of singular vs. plural self-identification. 

So I've remade the handout with the extra misdirection for GMs who don't want the players to see "Mi-Go" and made all the self-identification plural.  Otherwise the text (and the logo) is the same as the handout.

For people that want to make other changes I've also attached the FOC logo w/out any background.  The font I used is called 'traveling typewriter' but lots of generic typewriter fonts exist.

FOC Transcript.pdf


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