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Fun moment in the Sugar Maple forest -- Month One

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Hi guys. My group is limited on how often we can meet and play, so we are still in Month One, but we're really close to the end of that chapter. The party is split into three groups. One group just rescued the captured girl in the cabin in the woods, and they successfully took on two Men of Leng with clubs! The CoC 7e combat went very smoothly. One group took it upon themselves to drive out of Cobb's Corners to find a town with a working phone to call Miskatonic University to tattle on Blaine, (I downed the phone lines due to the storm, but they were determined to find a working phone). And the last group went into the sugar maple forest to look for their friends, (who were rescuing the girl at the time). The two guys in the forest had already encountered John, half fused in the boulder, but as they were traipsing through the forest, they came face-to-face with the moon beast. 

Both investigators freaked out and lost their minds. One was forced to flee, and he did an about-face and started running back towards the clearing where John is located. The other got a mania for pointed and sharp objects, (he became hyper-focused on a knife he was carrying), but the player stated that he was also going to flee, but in a different direction as to not return to the clearing. He was hoping to get back to the house they are staying in. Well, the moon beast can have two spells, Keeper's choice. So I opted for one of the spells to be a Contact Nightgaunt spell, (I modeled it off of a Contact Ghoul spell). So my knife-focused investigator was running headlong through the forest, and as he was about to pass in-between a pair of sugar maples, a nightgaunt stepped into his way. We rolled opposed Fighting (Brawl) skills, and I successfully grappled the investigator. 

A brief struggle ensued, and after several failed attempts by the investigator, my nightgaunt launched into the sky, flew to the clearing, and did a power dive through the dream gate. Scratch one more investigator. 


I'm recording my games, and eventually I'll be posting them in the Miskatonic University Podcast Live Play feed. I am loving this campaign! 

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