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Idea: Player with a secret

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Hello all,

So one of my players like to be a little special ;) And for this i came up with a thought. 
He is going to play as a student economics with an interim at FOC. 
FOC new about the problems at the first trip (because they financed it), and so they recruited one of the students (one with ambition, willing to take an extra risk) to keep an eye out for some special creatures. He was informed about what he might see. He can chose to believe in those mythos creatures, or not.
Is there any reason why we can't try something like this? I will not give him to much information, just enough to get him going.
I'm going to give him secret tasks, like making a phone call every night to FOC to brief them, or to go to other people their stuff.
The other players will be growing suspicious of him, which will also draw away the attention of Blaine.

What do you guys think? Any other ideas for this?

(Sorry about my English ;))

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