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    Gamer back in the 80's D&D, Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. Got into Rolemaster/Merp and WFRP in the 90's still played Cthulhu. Dropped out of gaming for a bit and got pulled backed in with Dark Ages Vampire. Done some more Cthulhu, Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. Primarily a player, run a few things
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    Now A Time to Harvest has started so Call Of Cthulhu joy, sporadic Rifts (due to shift patterns clashing with the other guys). The Thin Blue Line is on the horizon and want to get some Cthulhu going
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    SW England
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    Mid 40's Irishman. Also well into boardgames. I like the Guinness

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  1. Enjoyed Mythos, does have a far bit of info (eg spells and tomes) that you may not want newer players to know about.
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  6. L Kelly

    CoC adventures

    You have years worth of stuff there enjoy!
  7. L Kelly

    [7E] Print + PDF

    I can confirm that Chaosium have uploaded the pdf's of qualifying products to Bits and Mortar as I now have matching pdf's for the Keepers Rulebook and Screen (180mb and 217mb respectively). Man, the rulebook looks awesome, the full colour looks beautiful.
  8. L Kelly

    Pulp Cthulhu

    If you haven't seen the "what's happening" panel from Kraken, they had a print copy there and the gist was soon Here's a link
  9. L Kelly

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    Had a quick look at the site, some of the bigger art pieces, wow! What is it with Swedish rpgs's? Symbaroum and Trudvang for example, artwork is great. I have downloaded the preview and will have a look at it
  10. L Kelly

    Hudson & Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure

    Yeah much choice now with alternate covers with extra pages. Decisions decisions!
  11. L Kelly

    [7E] Print + PDF

    Look towards the bottom of the books description. It will have flags representing which countries warehouses have stock. Just below that is where it states whether there is a free pdf or not. Regards pdf's and Bits and Mortar, it would be nice if that is sorted out because like finarvyn, I want to try to promote Call of Cthulhu in my FLGS. They have reserved the core rulebook for me which i will collect next week. It is great that Dustin sorted it out mind
  12. L Kelly

    Runequest 2 UK availability

    Thanks for your reply. On their website, in the product descriptions they have flag icons to illustrate which country has stock. Cthulhu stuff pretty much is in all three. Runequest is only showing in the US and Australia and shipping is pretty hefty. I know Kraken and Essen are coming up so hope for an official response but I am in no panic. I hadn't thought about it being sold out, of course it is only a limited run until the new edition is out so it might well be. Thanks again
  13. L Kelly

    Trudvang Chronicles Kickstarter

    Thank you Chorpa for the writeup. I did pledge in the end and so look forward to this next year
  14. L Kelly

    Runequest 2 UK availability

    Is the Chaosium UK warehouse going to have any stock of the Runequest 2 book as the shipping otherwise is quite expensive?
  15. My FLGS has both core books, screen and Nameless Horrors and has done for a couple of weeks. Will be getting ref's book when I get paid so UK distribution seems to be happening