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Ep 6 - Play Results

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Total Time: 3.5 hrs.
I started with the characters right after Episode 5, fleeing Cobbs Corners. While heading south back towards Massachusetts along the road, some FOC trucks drove by, but the PCs decided to not trust them and continued hiding and walked to the next town.
Once in town, one PC, an FBI agent, called his superior and was told some disaster had happened at Cobbs Corners.  He blabbed about the supernatural things and was fairly incoherent.  Luckily his partner was more level headed and got ambulances sent to their location.
As they waited for the ambulance, the incoherent FBI agent stood outside and pretended to be a tree.
Another convoy of FOC trucks drove by and one of the trucks stopped when they spotted the PC.  FOC were given photos of the PCs and were told to look out for them in case they may need help.  The FBI agent denied being the person in the picture and the FOC convoy continued on its way.
Later the ambulances arrived.
Once in the hospital, Leon Pasqualle contacted the PCs and only 3 decided to go on the Moon Mission.  I let the other 2 players play Lang and Riley.
While at the hospital, there's an earthquake and the PCs are told that the Mi-Go base was destroyed, whether accidentally or as an attack by the Mi-Go, they're not quite sure.
I didn't like having the gate convert the PCs, so I made them wear deep sea diving suits with self contained air.
Most of the moon mission went without a hitch.  I decided not to throw at them any random encounters.  The PCs never used grenades, so I never got to hit them with accidental damage.
The PCs got really lucky on stealth rolls and were able to plant the explosives without an issue (actually Lang had to burn Luck to figure out where to plant the explosives, apparently Lang and Riley don't have any of the required skills to plant the bomb effectively and had to use 1/2 INT).  Once planted, I asked them how many rounds until the explosives went off.  They picked 10 rounds.  A pair of Mi-Go spotted the PCs and gave chase.  The PCs killed the two Mi-Go (I forgot about the min damage from bullets) and the PCs got so far ahead of the Shoggoths, that the only damage they took was shrapnel from the explosion and all the PCs escaped. Without luck spends, probably Lang would have been killed.
A small issue:  The Spot Hidden % for the Mi-Go (40%) were on p.15 and not in the Appendix.
After the game, I opened up the floor for questions about what happened in the whole campaign and answered some mysteries.
One idea the players had was that maybe a towns person from Cobbs Corners should have approached the PCs to help his wife being help captive in the center of town.  Then they would have entered Cobbs Corners in Ep. 5 instead of avoiding it.


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The Mi-Go listed had Spore guns, but with the deep sea diving suits, the Spore wouldn't affect the PCs.  I also was worried that the Lightning guns could set off the Pasquallium, so my Mi-Go had to go hand-to-hand.  Also being dropped on the moon from a high altitude with such low gravity wouldn't do as much damage as on earth.  So, basically the Mi-Gos were nerfed on the moon.  The only positive thing was that physical attacks can damage the suits.

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