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Dragonmeet (Cold Hard Iron)

Ian Cooper

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Hi guys,

Due to cock-ups its been a struggle to get my Heroquest games registered for Dragonmeet, which means they won't appear on the electronic reservation sytem, just on the main sign up board. I am running twice, afternoon and evening.

The Dwarf has sent his strange servants again, bearing gifts of iron. A tribe that must face the Telmori werewolves knows the value of the ‘death metal’ and the Cinsina Queen, Ivartha, is keen to pay the Dwarf’s price for his metal. Refusing the request might mean the Dwarf will never send his servants again. The queen has chosen you to fulfill the Dwarf's demands, but exactly what will he require this time?

It is a two-our game, not four hour (though it's possible we will slip slightly that is the goal). Post improving it feedback I may look into packaging it up as part of a quick-start, hence the length.

It shoud be for four players, but doubtless that depends on how they configure the sign up sheet.


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I don't have any way to control how sign-up happens, but I believe that the doors open at 09:30 for sign-ups etc. 30mins before games start. I have no idea if all games go out, or just the morning ones, then the afternoon and evening ones are up later. Still, hope to see some of you at my table :-)

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