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    30 year veteran of BRP games including Call of Cthulhu & Runequest. More than 10 year veteran of HeroQuest (Hero Wars etc.). Published Gloranthan author. Active gamer with the Monday Nighters.
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    HeroQuest: Glorantha, Call of Cthulhu, Fiasco, Puppetland, Numenera, The Clay that Woke, Microscope, Risus, Questlandia, 13th Age, The One Ring
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    Software Developer in London, conference speaker, tabletop gamer, geek. Tattooed, pierced, and bearded.
  1. Glorantha: HQG or RQ Classic?

    Here is my advice. What is play like at your table. If you like telling a story with your players, are happy agreeing what is credible or not, or how hard something is among yourselves, and want to roll to inject a little bit of uncertainty in the proceedings, but don't want to step out of the fiction into mechanics too much - opt for Heroquest. If you like to emulate what it would be like to live in Glorantha, want arbitration on what is possible, and like a tactical combat system - opt for Runequest. There are other trade-offs, prep-time, what you can cover in a session of play etc., but for my part it mostly amounts to a stylistic difference, so you have to figure out what you want to play. For my part, I like the fast-paced play of Heroquest, the feeling that I don't interrupt the role-playing for roll-playing that often, but you may prefer the feeling that you are living in the world with a realistic portrayal of what that means
  2. The Eleven Lights - now available in PDF

    I don't know of plans to do that
  3. Ken Hite's 2008 review of BRP-BGB

    I often say this ;-)
  4. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    Art is expensive, and across the two volumes, we decided to focus on the NPCs in The Coming Storm, even if that meant re-using art in The Eleven Lights.
  5. The Coming Storm errata

    The bloodline should be the Osmanning Ashwater falls should be between the Stagland Sour and Wandle Bog
  6. Non-humans in HeroQuest: Glorantha

  7. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

    Welcome, and thanks for the feedback.
  8. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    Because he could be, but has been forgotten, as SPH makes clear
  9. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    His runes might well be Fire and Motion, but for the purposes of this episode, the Fire aspect is important
  10. Tribal Source Editing: The Eleven Lights

    Yes, Varnaval is not a sheep, and doesn't have the Beast rune any more than Voriof does.
  11. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

    Yes, I find for some folks playing is a way to the 'lightbulb' moment. We will try to an actual play online at some point.
  12. SPOILER ALERT!! The Eye of Wakboth

    Batter up! :-)
  13. House Rules from Veterans

    This thread contains the major 'house variant'. It's less of a rules change than a admonition to remember that any victory means you get the stakes, not something less. But I also moved to critical on the TN, rather than a 1. Once you adopt highest roll that is a success wins, it makes more sense.
  14. What edition of Heroquest are you using?

    @soltakss If there are parts we can help with the understanding of, feel free to ask.