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  1. Oh, intriguing
  2. Ian Cooper


    For now they are what we have, so I would be pragmatic. And Greg was involved heavily in both of them. I would look at the Seven Mothers Cult write up in HQG, as well as the version in P:GtA if you have it to understand how Lunar Magic works. ILH-1 has been heavily superseded by The Guide. but might still give you inspiration. The material on the Lunar Way, Sevening etc in ILH-2 is all straight from Greg, and so ought to be reflected in new material. The main issue is the plethora of cults, there are way too many. Stick to the larger cults though and you may well get something playable out of it.
  3. There is a document. We're just figuring out some logistical issues on it.
  4. You can apply stretch penalties, if you need to. The major problem though is only if a player really starts stealing everyone else's limelight with their jack-of-all-trades skill. Otherwise, if you think about the heroes of fiction, like Star Wars, they seem to be able to use their narrow keywords in a lot of situations. Luke has Farmboy as a keyword but seems to be have breakouts for Blaster and Pilot underneath 🙂
  5. I'm writing something up, that I will figure out how to publish, because we seem to have failed to explain some things well enough. You can do Basic Magic with any rune. For Greg this was what most folks had access to. It doesn't allow you to do anything you can't normally do, but it does let you become magically better at things you can do. This is the prayer to Barntar whilst you plough, the sword sharpening charm you use to in battle. RQ folks can think of it as most spirit/battle magic. So if you had a water rune you might know a prayer to hold your breath longer underwater, or a prayer to help your crops grow when you watered them, wrestle better etc. Being a Runemaster i.e. having a mastery in a rune is fairly exceptional. To understand this, we should distinguish between adulthood initiation and someone initiated into the deeper secrets of the religion. Most people are not initiates with access to supernatural effects. PCs are of course all exceptional people. So a PC well have a mastery in the spirit rune, but most folks don't. BTW although most basic magic seems to work like charms, Greg used to offer that it might be charm, a spell, or even rune magic -- just of the 'get better at doing something' over a supernatural ability.
  6. Yeah, understood. It's something for me to pick up on in the new Core Book.
  7. Dara Happa Stirs is a **great** piece of Gloranthan writing, and I heartily recommend it to all Glorantha fans, regardless of your preferred ruleset.
  8. I know that @Jeff published some of these in the past, over at Glorantha.com. Such as: https://www.glorantha.com/docs/pelorian-art-direction/ https://www.glorantha.com/docs/look-gloranthan-cultures-part-3/ and https://www.glorantha.com/sketch-of-three-nobles/
  9. I'm one of the authors. The community is great at helping out, but if you have any specific questions, then I am happy to respond.
  10. This is the key, I think. HQG is what we expect someone to do with HQ: take the Core, then drop some rules and add a few new ones to better emulate your setting. It should still be recognizably the same, but its ok to vary a little. (Think of the way BRP often had slight differences between systems).
  11. It's intriguing. The fundamental act of Gygaxian roleplaying is, IMO, I play my character based on my understanding of what they would do in the situation. Sometimes this is called Actor Stance. This equates, for me, very much to psychological storytelling. By contrast with sociological storytelling the conflict is more important than the characters, so I would expect to see a lot more Director stance, where the player makes decisions for their character based on what is best for revealing the themes of the story. I used to be big on director stance and shared narration, but of late I have grown colder on it, believing that Gygaxian model is fundamentally more enjoyable. That may make me a heretic but at some point I think that Director stance is too far into Shared Storytelling over Let's Pretend which ends up a different thing.
  12. Yeah, the goal was to add APs back as an option but RPs are still the default
  13. Well, it shouldn't really be out there yet. There is not a huge issue with you guys having it, but please don't promote it elsewhere, we are working hard to get this right before we go public with this
  14. No. In the past we have had descriptions of Broo infecting material by defecating and urinating on it, and processes to decontaminate materials. If you can contaminate and decontaminate a material item, it is not solely spirit possession that provides disease. I would maintain that spirits tend to be the source of patient zero in an outbreak. in Hero Wars material Greg often suggested that the gods provide protection to their worshipers from disease, and I believe that this implies protection against hostile spirits. So your clan wyter, or local friendly godlings will try to protect against wild disease spirits. If this fails, perhaps because the community has offended the god, or perhaps because the disease spirit is too powerful, I think that a disease spirit can infect a patient zero. Of course contact with a broo or other diseased creature might lead to someone becoming infected and bringing disease into a community. The broo themselves gain their illness from voluntary infection by disease spirits, which does them no harm as they can only be carriers. Once that person is infected, if the disease is contagious, they will spread it by contact with bodily fluids. I think that lack of hygiene aids in the spread of an existing disease, but that the origin, the patient zero, was always infected with a spirit People resist this disease because they are healthy or weak as per RQG p.154. As per those rules, a person dying from disease would generate a new disease spirit. I think that the rules about hygiene are not obvious to most Gloranthans because it has no impact unless a patient zero, infected by a spirit causes an infection that then runs riot due to the lack of hygiene. I am sure that anyone with the Treat Disease skill is aware of the lack of hygiene issue in the spread of a disease.
  15. PS This is a great comic to get you in the right mood: http://age-of-bronze.com/
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