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  1. Ian Cooper

    Any good chaos heroquests out there?

    We do have an outline of a chaotic initiation in The Coming Storm on p.14. It describes how the Orlanthi initiation ceremony is experienced by those in the Red Cow carrying the ogre taint. Obviously the Red Cow kill most children who emerge from their initiation with this mark, but some do survive and plague the clan. Now that may not be the specific quest you are after, but here are some ideas on how I wrote that. Chaos came into the world because of the actions of the gods in the world. Gods like Ragnaglar. Generally they acted in ways that are now taboo. So secret murder, rape, sacrifice of sentient creatures, spreading disease, regicide, kinstrife etc. They are taboo partially because they help bring chaos into the world, but when they first occur they lead to chaos because they are acts against the social order. Breaking the social order has negative connotations in Glorantha, it weakens the world and lets chaos in. So, I believe many chaotic myths are about how someone broke the social order. Now in their minds I suspect they felt they had 'just' reasons for doing so. Perhaps they felt they had been treated unjustly, not got their fair share. In the Bible 'Cain and Abel' is a great example of what I would think as a chaos myth, for example. For a chaotic cult Cain's actions are justified and he is the 'victim'.
  2. Ian Cooper

    HQ @ DieCon 18

    Have you posted on this on Twitter. I'd happily RT.
  3. Ian Cooper

    House Rules from Veterans

    We know some things about being a Hero. One key item is that you have a cult of 500 or so worshipers, who you offer some magic to, in essence a feat in return for their worship. Being a hero also restricts your freedom of movement (some early attempts at describing high power heroquesting called this free will, the essential idea is that it gets harder to act outside key patterns). So I would say establishing a cult is key. What do you get in turn? A community of followers as per the community rules at the least. Being able to use the Magic Rating of the community could be very helpful for example. Someone to pray for you and send you their strength as you escape the underworld after your death. A Superhero possesses the Infinity Rune, complete control of the magic around them. In the boardgame Dragon Pass it effectively makes them immune to magical attacks. I'm not sure quite how we model this, but it feels like a start
  4. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    @Bohemond Thanks, its always useful to get feedback. >>1) A book of hero quests for a range of cults (or scenarios built around the same, like the Humakt, Raven, and Wolf scenario and quest). For example, an Ernaldan quest, a Lhankor Mhyte quest, a Babeester Gor quest, etc. Especially quests for female PCs in less martial cults. There is certainly something to be done on Heroquesting in more detail. I'm not sure exactly what as yet. Whilst I empathize with cult heroquests I am not sure that is the scope of a book that helps you understand how to develop heroquests for your own game. 2) A book of drop-in scenarios for Red Cow (especially something that makes use of Snakepipe Hollow) Possible. An interesting question is that given limited publication throughput should we focus a book on that, or open up something new. Would it be better to use a vehicle like Wyrm's Footnotes to produce scenarios that could be dropped in? That said I am working on a book that will cover the rebellion during the period of the The Eleven Lights campaign, and have scenarios that could be dropped in to Red Cow. 3) Praxpack! Please please please! How do shamanic quests differ from theistic ones? We will probably join up somehow with the RQ product release with something for HQ 4) A Holy Land sourcebook The Holy Land is huge. I think we would need to focus on a place in the Holy Land where we wanted to tell some interesting stories. 5) A Lunar or Dara Happan sourcebook. Something that makes the Lunars playable as PCs in a full way (detailed write-ups of the individual Seven Mothers cults for example) Yeah, that is a big one. I have some ideas on how we might do this. 6) A book of Lunar or Dara Happan scenarios Again, as above
  5. Ian Cooper

    Clans of the Dinacoli

    Can't make it, too many other travel commitments. I will be there later in the year.
  6. Ian Cooper

    Clans of the Dinacoli

    @m0n0cular Nice work, and I agree that the Woods of the Dead were probably formerly claimed by the Dinacoli, but since Foul King Brangbane's exile have not been occupied by 'people'. I also had not noted the KoS reference, so great work, and the Alone issue makes sense considering the clans there are very new and post-Grizzly Peak. Maybe you should think about writing up the Clans of the Dinacoli to submit to Wyrm's Footnotes.
  7. Ian Cooper

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    All, this conversation is very useful. @JonL your contribution, given HQ was how you met Glorantha is particularly useful in understanding this.
  8. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    One option for now is to focus HQG on the 'classic' 1625- era, and let RQG focus on the 1627+ era and add genre packs to help play them. Certainly, that could mean if there was a 1625+ Rubble book we could do a 1625- presentation in a genre pack... The complexity right now would be trying to write two Big Rubble books, an RQG and an HQG one at the same time. That is the major obstacle to navigate.
  9. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    I'll see what clarity I can provide on some books that may change status, and how we intend to react from an HQG point of view, at UK Games Expo and we will produce some sort of appropriate follow up to that on social media.
  10. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    It's clearer how to do the Big Rubble in RQ for one. Obviously, my goal is to figure out the best way to give you the Big Rubble in HQG alongside that. But the smoke needs to clear a little. Again, I will try to do the best thing I can for this community and your feedback will help influence what happens.
  11. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    This is still a discussion item so I don't want to make an 'official' announcement as yet (and your feedback could influence it). Right now, that would be the way to bet.
  12. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    it is likely that these books will have their first presentation as RuneQuest books, with HeroQuest support added in whatever we eventually land upon (appendix, sidebars, separate PDF genre pack) etc.
  13. Ian Cooper

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    Spot On. I'm in two minds if it remains necessary to have these values in a HQ2 genre pack. You could just describe the creature and its attacks and let the GM pick the resistance. But some folks find it helpful to have a guide to what might be an appropriate 'scale' for how tough a creature is seen as being 'in-world' and I can sympathize with that. We all know that a dragon has a nasty breath weapon that means going up against a full-grown dragon and choosing a Moderate resistance probably strains credibility. But a Floogamwit? How tough are they? Are folks afraid of them? We should probably have excerpted the HQ scale into an appendix. Sorry.
  14. Ian Cooper

    New HQ products?

    Hello all, I have been summoned. I'm hoping to work with the rest of the team to get ourselves in a position to have some very definite announcements at UK Games Expo. We will obviously share by all the channels after that. To clarify one point above, we are looking at 3-4 'books' every two years. The 'book' is notional, and probably best viewed as a 'project' because we might split a project into multiple volumes for reasons of pipeline, shipping costs, time-to-market etc. That said, I can say reasonably certainly that the projects will include: Non-Gloranthan HQ genre packs, The 'rebel' story from Sartar Rising (i.e. Battle of Iceland, Dragonrise) that you can weave as additional events into your 'clan' campaign. This was material that we considered off-stage for 11L, partially due to space requirements. A goal here would be that between TCS, 11L, and this book you would have the information to run a complete Sartar Rising period campaign A Fonrit book Of course, the usual warning apply, projects may never turn into actual books etc. as the road of trials is fraught with dangers. But we have an active line and we hope to get new material to you. We do need to decide how to dovetail into the material coming for RQG. For now, we will focus on Sartar Rising era campaign material in and around DP. Once the smoke clears on RQG's releases to establish their post 1627+ material we will look to our best approach to Argrath Rising era material and how we mesh with it. The Fonrit material opens up a new area, that we hope comes with less weight and is attractive to those who don't want to delve into DP's richness. Of course if it succeeds we may build on that line. Harrek is nearby in that period for example.
  15. Ian Cooper

    HeroQuest 2e Eratta

    I don't believe there is one. We do have a thread which crowd sources errata for HQG (search the forum for errata). Chaosium distinguishes between errata - errors to rules as written - and typos/grammatical errors. Whilst the latter are mistakes (no publication is ever perfect) errata only covers the former.