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    30 year veteran of BRP games including Call of Cthulhu & Runequest. More than 10 year veteran of HeroQuest (Hero Wars etc.). Published Gloranthan author. Active gamer with the Monday Nighters.
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  1. Hi guys, Whilst I am busy with the QuestWorlds Core book, and the Augments line, I pop in here less. it's just a time issue. As Greg once said, if you are writing on the forums you are not creating. Still, if you want to track progress on QuestWorlds this may be the easiest forum right now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/205528290149281 I'll try to pop in here too, but no guarantees
  2. It's something I would like to do, at some point. But realistically we have to increase the market share for QuestWorlds/HeroQuest. PS It's not true to say there are no books planned for HeroQuest Gorantha, at least one is very close to completion.
  3. it's likely that we will cover Supers in the Core Book and the have Ron's treatment as a follow up book
  4. The correct runes are giving on the header introducing the NPC
  5. It's quite possible to define a breakout ability that not everyone who has the keyword has. For example I might take Pilot 17 Bullseye Womp Rats +1 Now not every pilot learned their skills on Tatooine, so not every Pilot keyword can get Bullseye Womp Rats. Now, if someone has that skill and is attempting to run the trench on the Death Star I would give them a lower TN, because the genre says that farmboy flying skills save the day in Star Wars.
  6. There is nothing in RAW to do that. Mechanically, we just have consequences of defeat, which are measured as states of adversity. But if you wanted to use flaws to tag 'injuries' it's a valid rules change for you to make for your game. We probably would not recommend you using a state of adversity as well. GM's choice. Most of the time it makes sense to be either (1) An ability used in the conflict (2) Future attempts to obtain the prize. But the GM is at liberty to choose what makes sense in genre. Yes, you need to track them. Some character sheets have had a section to
  7. This is the feedback approach that we are proposing. Your thoughts on this approach are welcome. The goal here is to avoid spreading feedback over multiple possible fora, and to ensure that each item is separately threaded, so we don't lose anything or fail to respond. https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md
  8. The plural makes all the difference... but the idea, of something open that others could utilize, is one reason we liked the name
  9. I'd not seen @David Scott's suggestion. Let me get together with him and see if that is something we want to correct.
  10. If you are playing HQG today, this will hopefully clarify, provide some tweaks to existing rules, and some options. But it's not significantly different.
  11. We wanted to clearly distinguish when we were using a word, like outcome, to refer to a game rule, or just generally. We use terms that can be confused, even in context, so we wanted to be clear as to intent. Any use of bold highlights a game term.
  12. Yeah, it just means that you have to use the JC
  13. Two options. If you feel comfortable with that approach, raise a GitHub issue. If, not wait a day or so and I will start an errata thread. The good news is our turn around on these will be fast, as the artifacts are generated
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