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A Time to Harvest - Episode 2: Mi-Go Agent Reference Cards

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Hi all!  As I've mentioned elsewhere in the forums, we just started Episode 2 of A Time to Harvest with the arrival (corpse return? :) ) of the Mi-Go Agents.  Throwing in 8 previous students as agents with another 8 personalities seemed a bit daunting, so I wanted to give myself a visual reference AND reminder that some of the previous investigators personalities were in the mix to make things much, much cooler. :)  (Two of our group died and are the hosts for the Mi-Go agents)  And so I created these little gems I thought I'd share - Mi-Go Agent Reference cards.

I'm a lamination addict, so these were all cut and laminated so I could write the individual dead character names where appropriate (for instance - for Harold Higgins I've written in our investigator metallurgist which deceased and Roderick Block is our Humanities student, since they matched pretty well) - they all so have the picture of the original student they are/or were supposed to be.  I figured keeping the stack with bullet points on the major agent points would be pretty useful. (and hey, they make great bookmarks afterwards! :) )

I guess it doesn't cover changes in stats with the investigator characters, but honestly, I don't think it will get to the point of the players knowing anyway, or just mug the situation on the fly if it happens...  I think they turned out pretty well. :P I'm including my PDF and the Word document in case anybody just wanted to use their own portraits they displayed for the students.

In addition, I have added portraits for Episode 2 - including Jethro and Emelda Crachett (he's dead, but she'll have a picture on the mantle, right? :P ). I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't find a better Dr. Armitage, but it works. :P

Anyway, enjoy!







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