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Holy Cow! [Backer Update]


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$47,354 pledged, 473% funded, 1,345 backers - holy cow!

Following the successful funding of the Khan of Khans Kickstarter we posted an update outlining to backers what happens next. You can see the update in full on the Kickstarter page, but these are the key points:

Chaosium will put its efforts into the next phase of this Kickstarter - delivering all of the rewards as quickly and efficiently as we can. The main sequence of next steps will be as follows:

  • Kickstarter is going to start processing backer payments by officially charging you via the payment method you set up when you pledged. It will take about 5-10 days to complete all backer payments.
  • After payments have all been processed we will email you a survey from Kickstarter, asking you a few simple questions. It will mainly be centered around you providing us with your mailing address, and asking if you purchased any add-ons like the Nomad Gods PDF.
  • The Khan of Khans forum on http://basicroleplaying.org will go live within 24 hours of this Kickstarter ending. While we will always provide updates via Kickstarter first, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask them in this new forum, along with exchanging raid strategies, Khan wisdom, and anything else related to the game. We at Chaosium post there frequently.
  • We will then be sending each backer an email invitation to BackerKit, our chosen fulfillment partner. For those of you not familiar with BackerKit, it will help us with tracking and shipping you your rewards. 
  • Once you have been set up in BackerKit we will start sending out the Art Boards and Framed Prints to the backers that have them in their rewards package.
  • We will distribute the Full Print-and-Play version of the game to you via BackerKit download.
  • We will distribute the Nomad Gods PDF and the intro Dragon Pass map PDF to you via BackerKit download.
  • We will be selling extra copies of the Khan of Khans game in BackerKit.
  • We will set up t-shirt sales and similar related items in our Chaosium store on http://www.redbubble.com/people/chaosium
  • We have already started working with the game manufacturer, and as we have production updates we will post them via Kickstarter updates.

More soon! we wanted to get this update out sooner rather than later.

As always, thank you to all the backers for supporting this project.

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