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AvP,2300AD, Traveller, Lord of the Rings...

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For those who are interested I've been using BRP to run almost every game setting I've bought. I was wondering if anyone would like BRP based character sheets for the following...

Space:1889, Classic Traveller, 2300AD, Aliens vs Predator (Marine, Synthetic, Predator, Alien warrior, company man, and colonist sheets), Lord of the Rings (dunedan, rohirrim, sylvan elf, noldo elf ,sinda elf, beorning, wizard, dwarf, middle man, etc), Blade Runner, Eye in the Sky, Festung Europa (Man in the high castle). I can dig out most of the ones above if not all (I think).

Also, if you like the BRP system you might want to check out Twilight 2000 v1. Very BRP percentage based system and a personal favourite of mine.

If you'd like any of the above sheets in JPEG or better still AI format then PM me.


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I think BRP is perfectly usable for all these settings you mentioned. Personally I used it for a 2300AD and Traveller some years ago. I just modified the CoC rules a little bit with alternative autofire rules, futuristic armor and weaponry and added some modern skills and cyberware, thats all.

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I am thinking of converting Dark Conspiracy. It always seemed like a BRP version of that would be like CoC without the depressing bits, if you know what I mean...a good session of BRP DC might play like X-Files. And it could use most of the rules in the new book.

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