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Full (free) Introductory Scenario to Gloranthan Roleplaying in the River of Cradles!


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Here is a link to the scenario I wrote to introduce some friends to Roleplaying in Glorantha in the River of Cradles, based on my home campaign:


The Lead-in:

While the masters and mistresses of Brightwater are waging war in the plains of Prax, others must protect the settlement and keep the herds. When a dozen or more herd-beasts are driven off, something must be done to return them and the young herders and their friends decide to make the attempt before the knowledge becomes public – and they get a scolding from old Master Theudulf!

Join a group of young heroes as they adventure on their own for the first time in the Great Marsh of the River of Cradles during Fire Season! Returning the herd is the difference between good times and lean for Brightwater. But getting back alive is never assured in the lawless wasteland of the River of Cradles . . .


Three sample PCs, and all NPCs are included as attachments.

You can also watch the playthrough here for a taste of how three experienced gamers who are entirely new to RQ and Glorantha did with it. We did have fun!


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