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    Long time Runequest fan who has, or has played, just about every iteration of the game. Lots of Gloranthan interest. Writer of Runequest Thursday, a weekly column on my Brightwater campaign and other Runequty things I am working on, over at www.d-infinity.net.
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    Writer, game designer, sculptor and gamer living the icy urban jungle of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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  1. Here is a link to the scenario I wrote to introduce some friends to Roleplaying in Glorantha in the River of Cradles, based on my home campaign: https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-188-cattle-raid-koli-complete-gloranthan-adventure-river-cradles The Lead-in: While the masters and mistresses of Brightwater are waging war in the plains of Prax, others must protect the settlement and keep the herds. When a dozen or more herd-beasts are driven off, something must be done to return them and the young herders and their friends decide to make the attempt before the knowledge becomes public – and they get a scolding from old Master Theudulf! Join a group of young heroes as they adventure on their own for the first time in the Great Marsh of the River of Cradles during Fire Season! Returning the herd is the difference between good times and lean for Brightwater. But getting back alive is never assured in the lawless wasteland of the River of Cradles . . . Three sample PCs, and all NPCs are included as attachments. You can also watch the playthrough here for a taste of how three experienced gamers who are entirely new to RQ and Glorantha did with it. We did have fun! https://d-infinity.net/live/d-infinity-plays-runequest-d-infinity-live-series-7-ep-21
  2. Baelor

    Announcement: Lyonesse

    Looking forwards to this!
  3. Baelor

    Against the Blood Gods

    Just wrote up some skills and Talents (not unlike Legend "Heroic Abilities") useful in the fight against the minions of the Blood Gods in D101's Savage North, as well as rules for Demonic Tattoos, something that the cultists probably would like. https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-181-against-blood-gods
  4. Baelor

    Any interest i new material? Status of License?

    I am not interested in alienating anyone, and would be happy to talk to the principles for Mythras when the time comes. Business demons though . . . hmmm, maybe some kind of deal can be arranged.
  5. Baelor

    Any interest i new material? Status of License?

    I understand. I will take a look at the license information. Thanks Lawrence.
  6. Baelor

    Any interest i new material? Status of License?

    I have Mythras and I like it. If I do put stuff out it will be pretty much Mythras enabled too.
  7. Baelor

    Any interest i new material? Status of License?

    OK. Good to know. Thanks soltakss, for your reply. I have not looked at Revolution, but am doing so now!
  8. So I use Legend as some of the basis for my own brand of d100 RPG, and find it quite useful. Looking at the Mongoose site, it looks like they have completely removed anything that is not a sales item, and I could find no reference to a License. Anyone out there still using Legend? Does anyone know the status of the open license for it? I am exploring the idea of creating material that would work for it, and of course would be fairly compatible with other d100 systems too. I would be interested in knowing whether you would consider purchasing pdfs (with possible print option) of such things as scenarios, creatures, items, and settings.
  9. Baelor

    Runequest Fiction

    I have fictionalized the adventures of my heroes, the Brightwater Company, as they explore the Clanking Ruin and come up with a scheme. You can read the first installment here. https://d-infinity.net/fiction/runequest-thursday-94-fiction-tweak-nose-red-goddess There are several more chapters (and more to come), which you can find in the Index here. Scroll down toward the bottom for the fiction: https://d-infinity.net/blog/clint-staples/index-runequest-articles
  10. Baelor

    defense skill

    I use both. We have the house rule that,, unless you state otherwise, your Defense subtracts from the first attacker to attack you each round.. But you can state otherwise if you want. Putting your Defense on the obvious Runelord in the group, or whatever.
  11. Baelor

    Where can one find stats for a Nightmare?

    Ican't say for sure if there isn't one hidden away somewhere, but I wrote this one because I couldn't find one statted up anywhere else. I did it as the base mount for Ethilhrist's Black Horse Company.
  12. Here are several fantasy drink descriptions, as well as stats worked out in Runequest terms: Burlman's Bucolic Brew: Made with black barley and local rye, is a much-loved stout of the region, especially with the farmers of the region who appreciate having a ready market for their grain as much as they do access to good beer. Unfortunately, the latest batch of rye included rye urgot, and each draft of the hearty beer now has a 2 in 6 chance of causing hallucinations, dizziness, aggression, paranoia. a small percentage of the locals have taken to the "special" version and have dubbed it Burlman's Bellicose Batch. Effects: (Potency 10) Bucolic Brew produces a very mellow, happy drunk, which few folks try to resist. The Bellicose Batch is somewhat stronger (Potency 12) and causes visual and scent hallucinations, paranoia and belligerence. A "beneficial" side effect is that those affected are less aware of injury, and for as long as they are intoxicated, count as having 1 more HP per location. Stygian Draft: Drawn from the river that divides the land of the living from that of shades, it is sure to destroy any undead creature it touches. Effects: (Potency 15) Those who fail the check are overcome by a somber, reflective drunk that is somewhat depressing. Any who drink a full serving are also cannot be raised as undead for 1 day thereafter, regardless of whether they succeeded or failed on the CON test. Stygian Draft acts as a contact poison against undead (or those who count as undead – say, necromancers), who must resist the Potency or suffer 1d10 damage to their total Hit Points. Undead so foolish as to imbibe an entire portion of Stygian Draft must succeed on the same test, or be destroyed. Fire Water: No mere alcohol, it is also called Djinn Gin in honor of its makers. Effects: (Potency 17) This potent red-gold liquor is distilled from a blend of extraplanar grains, sweetened with dates from the Fire Palm, and spiced heavily with Ifritiyyan pepper. Those who fail the CON test are effusive dunks, much given to grand gestures and extravagant offers of aid, occasionally giving way to violence. You can see the full dozen here: http://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-125-dozen-improbable-potables-runequestified
  13. Baelor

    Zola Fel River Trade

    Not as Roskilde, they are mostly dedicated to a particular viking age boat find and a couple of others But the Rus boats were likely similar to the one I was on. Larger ones might have had trouble with some of the rivers, but they were particularly good at traversing river systems (just as the Parisians). And there certainly were Rus naval attacks on Byzantine targets, even a fleet under one of the early Rus/Varangian Chiefs (either Sviatoslav or Oleg, I used to know, but my M.A. was a long time ago) that menaced Constantinople, and was burned to the waterline with Greek Fire if memory serves. Here is the pic of the boat that I have let my Brightwater heroes build by upscaling the two man River folk boats from the Weiss area. They have recently built a bigger one more like the gislinge boat (or the one I got to go on). http://www.vikingeskibsmuseet.dk/en/news/archive/2016/september/article/reconstructing-a-medieval-wooden-boat-in-a-digital-age/ Brightwater Oared Boat.docx
  14. Baelor

    Zola Fel River Trade

    At the Roskilde viking ship museum, I had a chance to row a smallish viking age vessel, about 30 feet long, with room for 6 oars a side. It had a draft of less than one foot, and sailed very nicely over the small chop in Roskilde fjord. The gentleman in charge of the boat, who sails it and others like it about 150 days a year, said it would make 8 or 9 nautical miles per hour with good wind and weather.
  15. Baelor

    Lunar Names

    I have been using a combination of Persian and Latin names. My thinking being that Dara Happan was "Persian" and Pelorian was "Latin". mostly though, I have been doing this because my imperial armor and gear is a blend of Late Roman and Sassinid Persian.