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Midnight campaign rules questions thread


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I'm going to run a short Midnight campaign using BRP, and I'd like to start a thread where players can post questions regarding BRP system mechanics.

Please feel free to chime in with ideas and assistance even if you are not playing in this campaign.

I'm new to BRP, as are the players I've collected so far -which have mainly Warhammer, D&D, and Castles & Crusades backgrounds.

I've DMed/GMed/StoryTold/Narrated campaigns for about twenty years or so, and most of my players seem to very much enjoy my games.

That said, I've run SKYPE voice-chat sessions for about two years now, very successfully for numerous players throughout North & South America, and as far away as Greece.

I'm excited to try BRP, and hope my players have fun with it as well.

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