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Backer Update: Download your degrees and graduate!


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It's time for the famous Miskatonic University encaenia (commencement ceremony). Download your degrees from Backerkit - you earned them!

ALL backers, including Student level backers*, will be able to download a Miskatonic University Bachelors Degree (Medieval Metaphysics), suitable for printing and framing:

MU Bachelor degree


All backers at Professor level and above also receive a Masters Degree...

MU Masters degree


...and the prestigious Miskatonic University Doctorate:

MU Doctorate


Note: there are two versions of each diploma - a plain PDF and a form-fillable PDF (Name & Year). They are are non-personalised, but you can easily add a name using your computer, or with a calligraphy pen once printed. The form-fillable version should work fine on Adobe Reader and with Chrome's in-built PDF capabilities. 

All backers at Professor level and above can download your diplomas now from the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS section of your Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection account at Backerkit: 

Congratulations for graduating from Miskatonic University! It's great you made it out alive.

*delayed graduation: Student level ($1) backers - you'll be receiving your Bachelor Degree via Backerkit later on.

High Level Backer Rewards

High level backers (Valedictorian and above) we have created your physical rewards! The fulfilment is being made through our Chaosium merchandise store on Redbubble.com. We have sent you all a personal message about your delivery via Kickstarter, which includes your order number and the estimated delivery date (which for most backers is the first or second week of October).  

We look forward to you receiving your rewards! If there are any difficulties, please contact Dustin at customerservice@chaosium.com.

Other Rewards

The Miskatonic University Graduate Student Admission Forms and Molly Tanzer MU short story will be available to download later in October.

As for the game itself, printing will be completed next month and then the consignments will be shipped by sea to our fulfilment warehouses in US, UK and Australia. We are still on schedule to start delivery to backers towards the end of November, shipping and customs willing.

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Kickstarter backers of our Miskatonic University: The Restricted Collection board game got their "Diploma Mill" degree certificates earlier this week, and now high-level backers are getting their framed degrees and name plaques. They look scarily authentic!


And here's the acrylic name plaque - also looks awesome:



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