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Hiya gang,

I've been mighty busy these last 3 months or so, workingin a frameshoip duirng the holiday onslaught--that is to say, overly busy and exhausted,

But with the holidays behind me, I thought I'd drop back by...

This time with some more creature stats done up in standard RQ3 format.




Glyptodon are very large, heavily armored, armadillo-like creatures; its solid, wide-shouldered, oval body reaching 1.5m in length, is covered by a massive, dome-shaped protective shell 1.5m high, and made up of more than a thousand hexagonal, 1-7cm-thick, fused, bony scutes that makes up for some 400kg of the creature’s 2,000kg weight.

The 1.5m long tail is ringed by the same fused, bony plates that make up its shell, and ends in a knobbed club of the same stuff. Glyptodon is able to swing this club from side to side forcibly enough to shatter an attacker’s leg.

Glyptodon’s short, massive, heavy legs are covered in tough, leathery skin. The front feet end in clawed toes, ideal for digging or defense. The rear feet are more hoof-like.

While able to draw its legs inside its armored shell for protection, glyptodon could not withdraw its tail or its narrow, short-snouted head, and instead has a helmet-like cap of bony plates on top.

Glyptodon’s powerful jaws have no teeth in the front, but grinding teeth farther back help the animal chew the low grasses and coarse, fibrous plants found along river and lake banks.


Characteristics Average

STR 2D6+38 45 Move 1

CON 2D6+10 17 Hit Points 31

SIZ 2D6+38 45 Fatigue 62

INT 4 4

POW 1D6+6 9-10

DEX 1D6+3 6-7

Notes: The creature’s large size gives foes +12% to their chances to hit.


Hit Location (D20) Points

Tail 01-02 10/ 10

RH Leg 03 6/ 10

LH Leg 04 6/ 10

Hind Q 05-10 10/ 12

Fore Q 11-16 10/ 12

RF Leg 17 6/ 10

LF Leg 18 6/ 10

Head 19-20 10/ 10


Weapon SR Attack% Damage

Spiked Tail Club 7 35+4 1D10+5D6

Skills: Dig 60+2, Scent 60-2

Armor: 10-point fused, bony armor over body, head and tail; 6-point thick hide on legs.

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