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  1. It always pays to look at things closely....when I first saw the post I saw Edible character sheet........
  2. Actually baked beans on toast are the Food of the Gods....or maybe a nice homemade curry But chocolate is ok.
  3. In the UK, I'm not to worried about the HQ rules, I'm an RQ player. it's background information eg: geography, magical places, what monsters live where, maps all that kind of stuff that I'm after. bits and pieces I can convert and port across if that makes sense. With that in mind is it worth splashing out for the HQ rules. I mean it's a good price but would it give me what I'm after ?
  4. Thanks guys, looks like Sartar Kingdom of heroes is a good bet, so ordered a copy. also gone for Anaxials roster. Over at DTRPG there some older stuff down just under $5 on PDF so have splashed for some of that as well. Thanks for the comments !
  5. Dear All, After years of playing my home brewed version of RQ. I bought myself a copy of RQG, and it's got me interested in Glorantha again. I have rapidly become aware that there's a lot of Gloranthan knowledge I've missed by not getting into HQ/HW: cultural background, setting information, clans, cults, maps,interesting locations, regional info etc etc. So i intend whilst HQ is still around to try and acquire some of that knowledge. So in your opinion what supplements should be my priorities ? I'm not worried about HQ rules, I'm an RQ man, but the sort of things I've mentioned abo
  6. A while back there was a discussion about Adamant Entertainment developing a BRP based game for Bas Lag with a comment that China Mieville was in talks with another company. a shame as I've always felt RQ/BRP would work well with the setting
  7. This I can believe, It's quite difficult to find RQ products in even the places you'd expect to find them.
  8. So basically if i want to buy it........buy it soon !
  9. No doubt, but like Donald Rumsfeld if I don't know what I don't know....then how do I know what to search for to enlighten myself ? I had no idea that there even was a boardgame called HeroQuest, the only context in which I know the term is Glorantha, Issaries and Greg Stafford. So the whole Hasbro connection came as a surprise. Yes i could search around on the internet for information about this topic.....but the best place on the entire internet to seek information about Gloranthan doings is surely right here on this very forum ? But again I need to have some idea of what it is I need t
  10. Aaaah.....from that I assume a) that your UK stock is shipped from Europe ? b) it's produced in the UK but was done under an EU wide agreement, and a new UK and US agreement hasn't been drawn up yet ?
  11. Ok, that clears things up a great deal, but.......can you ever run out of stock of a PDF ? After all it doesn't exist physically ( as it were ) it's a data file. there is no warehouse inventory as it were. and........ last time Chaosium made an agreement with a Hasbro company ( Avalon Hill ) about licensing a chaosium product eg RuneQuest it didn't work out well for anybody. Given that most people associate HQ/HW with Greg Stafford/Issaries/Chaosium lets hope this time works out better.
  12. That probably did muddy the waters a bit. I was simply trying to find a HQ/HW product that to me seemed a reasonable price for what it was.
  13. I am now competely confused, possibly because I don't know all the convoluted history of RQ and HQ/HW and am also rather ignorant of licensing laws. On the Chaosium website there are a number of HQ products ( PDF'S ) for sale and they very clearly say HeroQuest on them. So...what in licensing terms is the difference between a PDF and POD version. the same author/authors still wrote the material, presumably the copyright resides with Chaosium - unless of course chaosium is selling them under license for someone else in which case why can you sell PDF's and not POD's ? I know a lot of H
  14. So, I've been over at the Chaosium site having a stooge around, and my eye keeps falling upon the Red Book of magic. But despite looking i can't see a print version. Am I just being really thick and have simply missed it, or is there really no print version ?
  15. Which comes out to £7.14 - and that seems reasonable enough. I still have my my somewhat battered original. Might be worth getting a new copy though.
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