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  1. Somewhat of a sideways comment....but have you looked at Wurm ? if so what did you think ? I keep thinking about buying the PDF but haven't quite got round to it.....
  2. I always rather liked Land of Ice and Stone, sorry to hear it didn't do that well. Suprising in a way, RQ is quite low tech in it's approach and I think the Balazaring culture from Griffin Mountain was meant to be a stone age culture wasn't it ? A revised edition would be nice , are you open to suggestions for extra material ? I'd like to see: Expanded bestiary - there's a few more creatures from earth history that could be statted up expanded shamanic rules, maybe around the animal totems idea ? Possibly given the Good Berry spell different plants could have different totemic spel
  3. Totally agree, I've always felt that earth goddesses/grain goddesses would have similiar cult spirits that protected crops from rodents and other pests, and given that in Glorantha disease is often considered to be caused by spirits etc there would be some sort of cult spirit that might benignly possess the growing crop and protect it. I know there is Bless Crops as a rune spell but i was thinking in addition to that.
  4. Now i have no intention of publishing anything so i have ( as the saying has it ) no dog in this fight....but if I were to publish a game called "Agentoranges wonderful d100 game " but use no trade marked names etc how would anybody know whether i was working from BRP or MRQ1/2, Legend, Mythras, Eternity realms etc ? If i took a bit from here, a bit from there, squished it all together, slapped a coat of paint on it and chucked it out who could prove what ? take augments/ complementary skills it's a well known concept - I used it in my games before I bought the BGB and knew it was an of
  5. I suppose one option is make it a supernatural campaign as opposed to a cthulhu campaign. Ghosts, haunts, poltergeists etc might all have their place in such a campaign even a haunted or bad place....evil genius loci sort of thing might be the focus of a session or short campaign. Bullets won't stop a ghost but uncovering an ancient wrong and the atonement or righting of that wrong might do so. Plenty of library use, maybe geology and anthropology use - maybe the players have to enact an ancient Hopi ritual to rid a mine of the ghosts or bad spirits that are preventing work ? Maybe archeol
  6. There should be a spirit/battle magic spell that you cast: passive until activated that allows you to regain your footing literally on the next SR or the first SR of the next round. Obviously you would cast it by intoning the mystic chant: "I get knocked down, but I get up again You are never gonna keep me down" With apologies to Chumbawumba........😄 Joking aside there probably is a spell in there. I might write it up.
  7. Sorry, I just had a Holy 80mm Mortar of Antioch moment there.........😄
  8. Actually I'm British, the origin of the name is a long and boring story .....
  9. You mention being a military historian, obviously I'm going to be preaching to the converted here but Osprey have a whole bunch of books eg Men at arms, Elite, Warrior series etc that are profusely illustrated for the period in question. I think the Fortress series looks at Troy, Mycenean citadels and so on as well. There's other stuff covering Egypt etc in case your players venture further afield.
  10. Steady on, I'm in my fifties now I shouldn't be seeing this sort of stuff until after 10am. My doctor was very clear about that 😄
  11. Not aware of RQG being used in other milieu...but obviously most BRP/d100 style products can be culled and engineered without too much work for monsters and animals from earth history and mythology. You may well have a stack of readily usable material on your shelves already. otherwise a PDF copy of Basic creatures from DTRPG is available for about $5. Lots of earth creatures and monsters there, many drawn from Greek myth in the first place. A quick hunt through the bestiaries available in the download section here would probably yield good results as well.
  12. At risk of sounding....pedantic :-) the whole point is that the moment you've got a weapon you're not unarmed. natural claws and teeth are ok, but a manufactured weapon which cestus and metal claws are means you're no longer unarmed....so you can't count them in the Unarmed attacks section As a complete aside I don't seem to have any options for smileys, emojis etc when I post. other people obviously do, have I not switched something on or ticked a box somewhere ?
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