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Jeffery's Critters Thread


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Instead of cluttering stuff up with single threads for one monster, here's one-stop shopping for all of your magical mutants and normal beasts from Caleon.

This thread will contain:


Blue Crusty

Bony Jaws

Buffalo Cat


Ceramite Overview

Ceramite, Jar

Ceramite, Cannister

Ceramite, Kettle

Ceramite, Pot

Ceramite, Urn

Chaos Beast Procedural

Chaos Beast, Devourer

Chaos Beast, Ripper


Demons of Technology Overview

Demon of Technology, Autoturret of the Gods

Demon of Technology, Memory Beast

Demon of Technology, Sparkoth

Demon of Technology, Steamhead

Demon of Technology, Techbrute

Demon of Technology, Skrewlooz

Demon of Technology, Rust Lord

Demon of the Deep Essence Overview

Demon of the Deep Essence, Acrimonian

Demon of the Deep Essence, Cypherian

Demon of the Deep Essence, Deprecan

Demon of the Deep Essence, Indulgen

Demon of the Deep Essence, Senescen

Demon of the Noble Essence Overview

Demon of the Noble Essence, Antecedor

Demon of the Noble Essence, Exultor

Demon of the Noble Essence, Gracian

Demon of the Noble Essence, Oblator

Dream Beast Overview

Dream Beast, Armoraga

Dream Beast, Deific

Dream Beast, Harrower

Dream Beast, Reaper

Elf, Durge

Free Rune Overview

Free Rune, Blaster

Free Rune, Summoner

Giant, Caleot

Glass Construct Overview

Glass Construct, Ancient Shard

Glass Construct, Durlozi

Glass Construct, Glasscat

Glass Construct, Rezani

Glass Construct, Shatterbeast

Grax Overview

Grax, Grappler

Grax, Guardian

Grax, Leaper

Jet Ray


Launch Beast

Mammal, Small

Necromechanical Overview

Necromechanical Grafts (Bolt-on Evil)


Night Going Zharch

Ogre Lion

Ooze, Glass

Ooze, Mycosludge

Ooze, Offa


Projection, Brute

Projection, Seducer

Projection, Speedbump

Rammerhorn, Land Going

Rammerhorn, Sea Going

Rogue Construct

Siege Grub

Sky Drifter


Snow Snake

Spark, Firejack

Spark, Little Flame

Steam Golem

Tor Hawn

Tyrant, Earth

Tyrant, Fire

Tyrant, Glass

Tyrant, Gust

Tyrant, Ice

Ur Grub

Voop Chaser

Voop, Common

Voop, Grumpy Bull

Voop, Sea Going

Voop, Shuffla

Voop, Thornback

Voop, Wooly Herder

Wazzan, Brown

Wraith, Gate

Wyvern, Great Northern

Wyvern, Southern Imperial


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Buffalo Cat

The spiteful riding cats favored by Zarku (Orcs) and the feral Zo of Deiad are horned felids of great mass and temper. Mountain Cats are greyish in color, while the low-land and forest-dwelling varieties tend toward grey with black stripes, a lighter underbelly providing contrast. .

They easily out-weigh most other riding beasts, save the Thornback Voop. Despite their size, they are agile climbers, handling rocky terrain with ease. Many cultures use their native agressiveness to advantage in combat, with several examples of feline cavalry in the Sadi States and farther east.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 35

CON 25

SIZ 35


POW 3D6 11

DEX 2D6+7 18

APP 5 5

Move: 7

Hit Points: 35

Damage Bonus: +3D6

Armor: Thick Skin (AP 4)

Strike Rank: 1

Attacks: Claws 60%, 1D6+db (Bleeding)

Head Butt 50%, 1D3+db (Impaling)

Skills: Sense 75%, Track 90%

Powers: The Buffalo Cats of B’nye’s Stand frequently display Chaotic Features. Older ‘Cats will have 1D3 of these.

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The bizarre cephaloon are a mutation of the White Sea Octopus. As with others of this type, the exposure to magic has altered them, chiefly though size alterations and additions of magical characteristics and Chaotic Features.

Non-Chaotic Cephaloon have 6 normal tentacles, and two larger tentacles that are favored limbs for grasping and manipulation of objects, usually wands, orbs and staves. They seem to love using such objects. It is currently unknown if they actually know how to use them or if they are simply copying the observed behavior of land-dwelling sapient creatures. They have been seen using non-magical tree limbs in a fashion that suggests the copying theory is the correct suppostion. They hold the limb as if firing, and frequently shake the stick in confusion, as if wondering why there’s no magic coming out the other end.

They are semi-aquatic, being able to survive out of the water for up to ½CON hours at a stretch. They do not leave the White Sea too far behind, and this has allowed some prediction of their otherwise bizarre behavior. Imperial or local patrols finding evidence of Cephaloon raiders are quick to cut off their route to the sea, making it easier to pick them off.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 3D6 11

CON 2D6+6 13

SIZ 2d6+6 13

INT 5 5

POW 2D6+6 13

DEX 3D6+6 17

APP 2 2

Move: 4 (land), 6 (water)

Hit Points: 12

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: None (may wear looted equipment)

Attacks: Beak 30%, 1D3+db

Tentacle Slap 45% 1D6+db

Grapple 75% 1D6+db

Looted Weapons 25% By Weapon Type

Skills: Grapple 75%, Hide 45%, Stealth 60%, Swim 100%

Powers: Cephaloon do not normally demonstrate the use of spell-related powers, but they are often Touched.

Chromataphores Cephaloon can alter the color and apparent texture of their skin. They can use the Hide skill in plain sight, without the need for obscuring terrain or shadows.

Looters Cephaloon can activate and use magic items. When encountered in a group, up to 20% of them willhave and be able to use an item of some sort. Make on up or use the Meteoric Magic Item System of Doom to create a quick item.

Touched Older cephaloon will display up to 1D6-1 Chaotic Features.

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The Ceramites are a diverse group of artificial "creatures." They first appeared in and around the North Bridge area of Chalasa early in the Age of Storms. It is unkown who crafted them, but they were constructed with a level of cooperation in mind.

They coordinate well, making an encounter with them much more dangerous than the individual statistics might seem.

Unscrupulous mages employ Ceramites as soldiers, how they come into possession and control of them is currently unknown.

Cannisters stand off the main battle line and fire into unengaged targets using direct or indirect fire.

Jars attack by slamming front-line fighters.

Kettles use mid-range steam attacks to disrupt spell casters and healers

Pots disable mages by use of their dispel attacks, shutting down their spell use for a time.

Urns emit choking clouds of obscuring ash, eliminating sight lines and bringing down high-defense characters.

A full write up of the things will follow later today. Are any of the creatures in the "ToC" up there of dire interest? I'll finish converting those first.

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Ceramite, Cannister

Cannisters employ stand off ranged attacks and this is shown in their construction. They are not as powerful physically as some of their associated constructs, as they are not expected to stand up to a roaring melee.

They appear a small cylindrical constructs, floating a few feet off the ground. They have blue ceramic armor with crosshair-like yellow runes. Another set of runes circles the lid and opening. Eerie, disquieting painted-on eyes seeming to follow one around the room.When moving, the lid has a tendancy to rattle slightly, as if the thing can't wait to let fly with a volley.

In combat, unreal cannonballs fly from the opening, landing among the targets. If pressed, it retreats to a safe distance and fires again. Other Ceramites, notably Jars and Kettles, will change targets to attack any pursuers.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 13

CON 15



POW 15

DEX 13

APP 10

Move: 4 (hovering)

Hit Points: 10

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: 7-Ceramic Shell

Attacks: Cannon Shot 50% 3D6

Grape Shot 45%, 2D6/5 meter

Skills: Dodge 50%

Powers: Cannisters can attack in two modes.

Direct Fire When a Cannister fires in direct mode, they attack at +10%.

Indirect Fire This mode allows them to ignore obstacles, allied Ceramites and opponents, attacking obscured targets without penalty.

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Free Rune Overview

A so-called Free Rune is a spell that has gotten away from its caster. They take the form of floating magical symbols, easily read by any Mage or wizard as the spell they originated as. A Fumble during spellcasting has a 20% chance of wandering away as a Free Rune.

When Free Runes move, the symbols move in a flock, gathering themselves up when the thing stops moving. Older Runes have symbols that often lag behind the main flock, or fall out of the primary mass onto the floor occasionally.

Free Runes have very basic personalities. They have no thoughts of teamwork or even that other things exist except as rudimentary sensory input. Even this perception is limited by the type of spell that they used to be.

They tend to see things as if through a lens. Attack spells see everything as a target. Heal spells see only wounds. Utility-type spells will attempt to be "of use" to targets. Blast spells and Heals are often easy to deal with, but the Rune that keeps teleporting you are around every few seconds can be maddening. Most aggravating is the simple fact that they do not understand politics, factions, or "sides" of any sort. A Free Healing Rune will wander into a dungeon room and heal Orcs and Player Characters alike until some one dispels the annoying thing.

Dispels are very damaging to Free Runes, if a Dispel's level overcomes the spell level of the Free Rune, the Rune is destroyed. In Runequest, a "destroyed" Free Rune might leave behind an unintegrated rune. They will have Hit Points equal to their levelx5 and can only be damaged by spells or magic items. ZagVoon or Uraan weapons (see Enchanting in Caleon) have an extra +05% to hit and +1 damage against Free Runes.

Older Runes might have 6 or 7 times their level, which may have been increased as they collect power over the years. The exact rate of increase is left to the GM's initiative.

In Caleon, the increased number of wizards and higher ambient magic in recent years has caused the number of Free Runes to sky-rocket. It is extimated that over two-thousand Free Runes exist in the world today, with many unable to escape from the catacombs, mazes and dungeons where they were first created.

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Free Rune, Blaster

Free Blast Runes are Blast spells that have gone awry. Battlefields, dungeons and the occasional drinking establishment are the homes of these wandering, destruction-prone clouds of magical symbols.

Petulent and psychotic, the Blaster sees each and every thing in its environment as a target; a thing to be destroyed. Just before attacking, the boiling cloud of arcana will organize itself (often in a circular pattern) becoming readable as a Blast spell.

Several levels of Blaster Runes are presented below:

Level 2 Free Blast Rune

Characteristic Roll Average

SIZ 1d3 2

POW 4D6 14

DEX 2D6+10 17

Move: 5

Hit Points: 10 (Level 2 x 5)

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: None

Attacks: Blast 60%, 2D6

Skills: Sense 60%

Powers: Free Runes can only be damaged by magic weapons and Dispels.

Level 3 Free Blast Rune

Characteristic Roll Average

SIZ 1d4 3

POW 5D6 17

DEX 3D6+10 22

Move: 6

Hit Points: 15 (Level 3 x 5)

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: None

Attacks: Blast 65%, 3D6

Skills: Sense 65%

Powers: Free Runes can only be damaged by magic weapons and Dispels.

Level 4 Free Blast Rune

Characteristic Roll Average

SIZ 1d6 4

POW 6D6 21

DEX 4D6+10 27

Move: 7

Hit Points: 20 (Level 4 x 5)

Damage Bonus: None

Armor: None

Attacks: Blast 70%, 4D6

Skills: Sense 70%

Powers: Free Runes can only be damaged by magic weapons and Dispels.

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Demons of Technology Overview

Where flows of Essence meet the imagination of less ethical mages, articifers and necromancers, bad things result. They are not demons in the literal sense (ie creatures from another sphere or dimensional plane), rather they are the creations of those that would use the power of steam and the Dark Essence to bring suffering to others.

They are magical constructs that make extensive use of technological components. Designs vary by the malign purpose of the creator, but a few broad types exist. They are employed as gaurds or shock troops, almost never seeing action as cannon fodder, their cost being far too great to simply throw them in front of a steam-powered behemoth like a Standing Tank.

Most villians raise an army of flesh-and-blood troopers like Orcs or desperate humans for that task. Encounters with them will normally occur in a villain's stronghold, as there are usually so few of them.

They range in size from the little Memory Beasts, up to self-aware mecha like the vile Skrewlooz or Rust Lord.

Demons of Technology are related to Necromechanical devices such as grafts and necrostriders. As creatures of Dark Essence, they are vulnerable to Noble Essence.

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Wyvern, Southern Imperial

Blackening the skies in legends of White Sea, the Southern Imperial Wyvern is on the decline. Once a predator of the central regions of the Empire, they are now found exclusively along the southern coast. Here they compete with wazzan, bony jaws and predator voop, not to mention the increasingly industrial cities of Rumallia, Chalasa and Carzey.

They roost on the summits of ancient submerged mountain peaks. These isolated spires of rock act as natural reserves for the beasts, and sages suggest their numbers may have stabilized. Lore is hard to collect out that way, and the few who have attempted to study them often fall victim to the White Sea Magestorm.

The Imperial Army and many Great Houses employ flights of wyvern-knights, lightly armored aerial cavalry. Wild wyverns are never used for this purpose, but domesticated beasts are raised in aeries across the southern reaches of the Empire.

Southern Imperial Wyverns resemble their smaller Northern cousins for the most part; more powerful wings, a muscular chest and larger sternum keel have appeared due to the amount of time the creatures spend over water. They have more robust upper-chest bones and lack a stinger entirely. Their tail has a large fan to aid in steering in high winds.

Characteristic Roll Average

STR 4D6+12 (26)

CON 2D6+12 (19)

SIZ 4D6+12 (26)

INT 7 (7)

POW 3D6 (10)

DEX 2D6+6 (13)

Move: 4 (Land) 6 (Flying)

Hit Points: 26

Damage Bonus: +2D6

Armor: Thick Scales (AP 8)

Attacks: Bite 55%, 1D10+1/2db

Claw 55%, 1D10+db

Skills: Climb 75%, Fly 90%, Sense 75%, Track 90%

Powers: None

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Chaos Beast

When a magical beast or normal animal accumulates too many Chaotic Features, it reaches a terrifying tipping point. Its body undergoes horrid, sudden changes over a matter of hours that turn it into an enormous flailing monster, ravaging all before it before destroying themselves as raw chaos consumes them.

It is up to individual GMs what exactly constitutes the tipping point, but I use 6. Note that most of the time I've incorporated a Chaotic Feature roll, it's 1D6. If circumstances dictate during play the 7th Chaotic Feature, the transformation into a Chaos Beast, can occur while your Players sit and watch as the monster suddenly becomes twice as powerful before their startled eyes.


1. Pick a critter from this thread (or PDF, eventually) and apply 6 random or purposely chosen Chaotic Features.

2. Apply the following template (perhaps before the game in your notes):

  • +2D6 STR
  • +2D6 DEX
  • +2D6 POW
  • -3D6 APP (if applicable)
  • Increase any natural weapon attacks to 10-sided dice.
  • Give the creature 7 -15 extra hit points
  • Extra dermal and bone growth give it +10 AP on all locations.
  • Start the timer! The creature will expire or stablize in 1d6-2 Combat Rounds

If it expires, it dissolves into a foul-smelling goo that can be used in enchanting Chaos magic items.

If it stabilizes, the creature will continue to live in this enhanced state until killed. It can continue to receive Chaotic Features of your chosing. This allows you to place Chaos Beasts in scenarios without the messy "evolution" phase.

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